Summit University Australia – January 2015

By Neroli Duffy

Summit University - Australia 2015

Summit University was conducted for the first time in Perth, Western Australia, from January 12 to 18, 2015, by Regional Ministers Peter and Neroli Duffy. The Magnet of the Heart was outstanding for many reasons, the subject was timely and profound and those attending had deep and moving experiences. It also had the most attendees in Australia of an SU in recent years, including the most welcome presence of two American visitors—from Houston and upstate New York.

This occasion was also memorable because this particular SU had more opposition than any of the previous SUs downunder. Perth happens to be Neroli’s home town. On Saturday, the day before the set up for Summit University, Neroli and Peter flew in to Perth shortly after a fire began right across the road from the home of Neroli’s sister, Margo. January is the height of summer in Australia and temperatures often reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

At the time the fire started, Margo just happened to be setting up the large altar focuses in the newly completed Study Group chapel on her property, which is at Bullsbrook, a semi-rural area on the northern fringe of Perth. Apparently this was not welcomed by the forces of darkness. There had not been a permanent group focus for the ascended masters in Western Australia since Neroli and her family had moved to the Inner Retreat in 1989. In the meantime some of the SU attendees flying in from other Australian states for SU were being treated to extreme air turbulence to the point where they wondered if this might be their last day on earth! Everyone seemed to have a tale of drama or difficulty in the days leading up to SU, but by the grace of God no one was hurt or harmed.

SU Australia serviceThe fire at Bullsbrook swiftly took on a life of its own, fanned by very strong winds. Someone commented that it took off “like a wounded bull.” Fortunately, the winds were blowing away from Margo’s property. However, the commend center for the fire was set up in Margo’s entrance road, and Neroli and Peter were turned away from the property by policemen and emergency services personnel who closed all the roads near the fire. After Neroli made a fervent plea to Lanello to take command of the situation, we heard from Margo that the road was opened briefly, and we were able to get in. This meant that the Saint Germain Service could take place in the chapel that afternoon and spiritual work could continue on the cause and core of the fire. In the meantime, Keepers of the Flame around Australia and some at the Inner Retreat were mobilized to make calls on the fire.

Although the fire moved away from Margo’s home and her property and livestock were never in danger, it was heading directly towards the town of Yanchep, 45 minutes away, where the SU was going to be conducted. We could hardly believe it. Fortunately, the calls were effective. The wind changed, so that the fire started moving in a different direction, and by Sunday evening everyone arrived safely at Club Capricorn, a resort on the beach at Yanchep, north of Perth, and Summit University began on schedule the following day.

The wildfire was contained after several days and the efforts of 300 firefighters and aerial crews. The fire covered 17,000 acres, but miraculously there was no loss of life and property apart from the destruction of two derelict houses and a couple of old sheds. SU attendees concluded that perhaps it was a pre-clearance of karmic records. It certainly felt intense!

baptism in Australia 2015

Needless to say it was a very holy, victorious and transformative SU with a wonderful clearance. In addition there were five new communicant initiations (two took place in the Sydney Teaching Center prior to SU), three baptisms and the presentation of a very happy newborn in the temple. Little Benjamin just could not take his eyes off the altar! And he was so happy to be baptized.

Altar picture - Australia

Then, at the conclusion of the Sunday Service, a first Holy Communion ceremony for lovely Helena took place, to everyone’s joy.

Altar picture - Australia
After SU concluded, many hands quickly packed everything and transferred the altar back to its new home. Christened The Chapel of the Diamond Heart, the new chapel was formally consecrated for the Perth Study Group with a full house of Keepers of the Flame from around Australia to witness the dedication.

We hope that the trend of increased attendance and overseas visitors continues for future Australian Summit University classes. Australia is a wonderful place to visit in the summer and it seems to be on everyone’s bucket list—perhaps because it was once part of ancient Lemuria. Bids for the next location are being proposed as we speak.

Stay tuned for SU 2016 Downunder!






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  1. It’s good to see that the Masters are hard at work in Australia, things have come a long way since l relocated to New Zealand. Both Peter and Neroli Duffy look great and have not changed much in 21 years outside of their aura. One can always see the difference in the people of God, At least some can. God Bless & Protect you both always. Love Samuel.