2014 Year-End Celebration by Miami Community Members

By Rev. David Drye

Each December, Keepers of the Flame and Communicants gather for a Saturday all-day meeting hosted by a senior minister of our church. This year, I was fortunate to visit the groups for a second time, the first being in December of 2011. This is the one time of the year, other than an SU seminar, that our members throughout South Florida have a chance to see one another. The event was held Saturday, December 15, at the city hall complex in Miramar, Florida, which is very close to Miami. Some of our members traveled as far as several hundred miles to attend.

The event was hosted by the Miami and Broward groups, Broward being a suburb of Miami. Members of the West Palm Beach group also attended, which is almost a two hour drive from north of Miami. Over 50 attended. Some were new to the teachings within the last year. Some have been holding the balance for South Florida for over 20 years.

This year, the teachings that were presented included the Five Steps of Discipleship which are; Student, Chela, Friend, Brother, Christ. These five steps were released in the Pearls of Wisdom in 2009, and have been used as the core of teachings that are part of the SU seminar, The Magnet of the Heart.

In the afternoon we listened to Mother’s teachings on Karma and Reincarnation that were taken from the DVD Nine Cats and Nine Lives. This included reviewing the lives of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Margaret Thatcher, and the experiences of our beloved messenger through her many incarnations. There was also opportunity for questions and answers as well.

On Sunday I gave the Sunday service at the Miami chela house and conducted the sacrament of First Holy Communion. This was for five lovely ladies who had never received the sacrament growing up. Many of our members may not realize that adults may also celebrate this sacrament, which include following the lessons that our children study as well. A wholesome lunch followed and wonderful fellowship. That evening I traveled to the West Palm Beach center and had an evening with the members and new seekers who had recently contacted the teachings.

It is always very inspiring to see how our members, who have full-time jobs, and many with families as well, balance their time and continue to work very hard at finding light-bearers in their local areas. Their loving support of each other and the effort that they give to keep the focuses of the Masters active, shows why it is so important that we work while we have the light and opportunity. For more information regarding our groups in South Florida, you can go on-line at our website, or contact the teaching center and study group facilitator at our Montana headquarters at the Inner Retreat, Mrs. Sharon Shaw.

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