Santo Domingo Archangels Series Report

Empowerment through the Seven Archangels

By Deisy De los Santos

On October 26 we offered the conference Empowerment through the Seven Archangels as a reinforcement of the lecture about the Archangels: the Wave of Hope. Our brother Luis Francisco Simó was the facilitator of this lecture. We had 65 attendees as follows:

32 community members
6 completely new people
2 people previously contacted
25 people who were in the ICO and returned to the track

Of the 25 people who attended the International Coordinated Outreach (ICO) we had two teenagers who came before with children.
Santo Domingo lecture

Santo Domingo Archangels lecture

Significantly, of the 6 new people attending this lecture, two came to ask for more information and were given a brochure of the Brotherhood of Keepers of the Flame. They said they are interested in becoming Keepers and will reply soon to fill the form.

Santo Domingo

We offered a program for children in which four children participated. One of the girls who participated at the International Coordinated Outreach seeing the book of the threefold flame in the book table, told his mother, “Mom look at the threefold flame, I have one and you too.” She told her mother she wanted to come back to our center.
Santo Domingo

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