Outreach through the Internet

By Juan Ontiveros

I would like to share the pleasant experience of doing an Outreach through the Internet; The Summit Lighthouse Toluca Friends Group invited me to give some lectures through its broadcast station Mixlr on Saturday mornings, covering themes such as, “Alchemy of the Heart,” “Clues to Find Inner Peace,” and “Abundance and Alchemy,” among others.

Juan Ontiveros - Mexico outreach

I broadcast these lectures from my home and at first, I found it a little difficult as I had no one in front of me and did not know how the people connected to lectures by Internet could hear me.

Beginning with the second lecture, I was able to experience a “heart-to-heart” connection with the people connected to the broadcast, including many from Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina and México. Prior to beginning each lecture, the Toluca Group completes an hour of decrees, which helps a great deal to provide a spiritual base upon which to develop the theme.

This experience was enjoyable as it all flowed very well, and I was even able to close my eyes and give the lecture with a microphone and laptop in front of me, and feel as though I was no longer alone. Furthermore, the presence of the angels is a great support, especially because there are not technical failures.

This is one way to make good use of Saint Germain’s technology to reach many Lightbearers who do not have a TSL study group in their cities, and are able to receive the teachings thanks to this avenue. By God’s grace we are many expounders on this expansion project for the Toluca Group, which was enthusiastically initiated by María Eugenia Barraza.

It is also being broadcasted every Friday from 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. on the Adventure of the Spirit, on http://mixlr.com/tsltoluca/

I give thanks to Saint Germain for it is through this technology that we are able to reach many people and I am also grateful to Lanello and Mother for bequeathing this great legacy that will literally change planet earth.

“The earth is the LORD and the fullness thereof.” (Psalm 24:1)

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