Meeting a Fellow Seeker

By Rosalinda Siciliano

Phoenix TC fountainRecently, I was reflecting on the joy and gratitude that manifests when meeting someone who is searching for the truths of life. This week we received a letter from a person who witnessed to the power of the teachings of the ascended Masters in her life. I want to share it with you because it embodies the joy and gratitude that we share collectively as a community.

Often, we forget how rich our lives have become with the understanding that the Ascended Masters give to us. Hopefully, Patricia’s words will inspire you with gratitude and impetus to be an active community member and witness the teachings to others. She has given us permission to share with you:

Dear Summit Lighthouse Group in Phoenix,
“I, Patricia Ann Davis want to thank the Elizabeth Clare Prophet Group in Phoenix for taking me under their wings and for their practice of mindfulness, forgiveness, understanding, healing, kindness, meditation, generosity and nutrition. When I came to them I knew only one prayer, Lord Michael. I had been terminated from a teaching job of 14 years and I was broken, in pain and suffering.

The ladies at the Center help me to feel confident again using the power of the teachings. I am no longer suffering. The Wednesday night healing service has helped me to recover. A new path has been opened to me and I am on my way to self-preservation, love and more understanding. I still have a lot of questions concerning the teachings but the knowledge I am gaining and the comfort that I am feeling being connected to a wonderful group of women has kept me focused on what I need to do.
Thank you.”

Let’s all pray every day for each other, seekers, and those whom we are going to meet. Thank you for being a part of this community and the care you give to every action. Please stop by if you are visiting Phoenix. We would love to meet you.

Happy New Year.

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