SU New York, Path of the Bodhisattva

By Kenneth and Bonita Frazier
Ken and Bonita Frazier at SU in New York 11-2014
From Rev. Bonita Frazier:
Kenneth and I were honored to do SU The Path of the Bodhisattva – Part 2, the Pure Heart in New York City November 14-16th. It was first of all great being in New York again. New York is my home town.

There were 36 participants in the seminar. Six of them were new people including two Jewish women who always come to Summit University. In the past these two would only listen and when the time came for taking Holy Communion they would abstain. Not this time. This time they not only took communion but decreed with gusto.

These teachings from Mother, the masters, Mighty Cosmos and the Five Dhyani Buddhas were magnificent! Participants seemed very happy and many said the teachings and the fellowship had a powerful impact on them. It was certainly so for us.
Ken and Bonita Frazier at SU in New York 11-2014
From Rev. Kenneth Frazier:

One of the highlights of this SU experience was the observation of how Mother demonstrated the art of revealing and exploring “the inner world beyond the words” in the Parsifal storyline by the faculty of the Holy Spirit. This teaches us that there is a world of “Hidden Treasure” beyond every word and sentence spoken by the ascended masters and their messengers, a world of Eternal Law, Truth and Beauty, waiting to be revealed, explored and internalized by every one of us who desire be led by the Holy Spirit to raise our consciousness and open our eyes to see beyond the surface of the outer presentation of whatever may be, a word, a person or an event in nature.

Mother offers us in this marvelous demonstration, an invitation to begin a journey, a walk with God that never ends. If you have not had this Summit University experience, what are you waiting for?

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