Archangel ICO Outreach in Phoenix, Arizona

November 14-16, 2014

By Rev. Neroli Duffy

Friday night:

We are here in Phoenix Arizona for a weekend with the Keepers of the Flame. This afternoon I had the opportunity to do a great 15 minute radio show on angels to promote the Angels ICO outreach at the new Phoenix Teaching Center tomorrow.

Phoenix TC fountain

Karen Lorance drove us to the Radio Show and she loved being in the studio for the interview. The ICO lecture is called “Archangels—the Wave of Hope” but the interviewer said “Wave of Help” (!) so I laughed and said “that works too!” Hope or help, the archangels do it all. The interviewer had her own angel story to tell—it was fun to be able to bounce off her enthusiasm.

Tonight we conducted a three hour Demagnetization/Ascension Service in the new sanctuary in Phoenix. There were 13 Keepers of the Flame there—mostly ladies. Several were moved to tears because they finally have a place after years of setting up and taking down their altar for their weekly services in a rented facility.

Local minister Rev. Keith Stephens was able to support lead tonight. He is coming again tomorrow despite having family visiting for a wedding that he is conducting for one of his daughters. Board members Rosalinda Siciliano and Mary Gustin helped to support lead too. The board has worked really hard to make this weekend event happen. They are excited to have visitors from the Inner Retreat this weekend.


The new center needed an entirely new Audio-Visual set up from scratch and the board hired some professionals to make the installation. But there was amazing opposition to the AV set up this week and just about everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Fortunately Peter was able to shepherd the process over the last two days and it all came together in the end just this afternoon. Fiona, one of Keith’s daughters, did an excellent job at AV tonight—she is well prepared and a real professional. Board member Nancy Tichenor made a fun and educational PowerPoint slide show of Phoenix for the demagnetization. Did you know Alice Cooper comes from Phoenix as does Fleetwood Mac star Stevie Nicks?

All of that went into the flame tonight and it was a joyous time. The angels were right there with so much light—we could have been in King Arthur’s Court when we closed our eyes. It was one of the easiest demagnetizations that we have done in a long time. There is the largest amethyst mine in America here in Phoenix so we think that the amethysts are helping to hold the light here. The sign of the city on all the buses is a violet colored Phoenix bird.

Tomorrow is the outreach at 1:00 pm and then the Saint Germain Service in the evening at 6 pm. We wind up the trip with a Sunday Service with Archangel Michael to consecrate the new sanctuary.


Sunday night:

What a great weekend! A God success thanks to the angels.

There were 50 plus people who came to the Archangels ICO—probably half of them were new students. One came from the radio show and others came through friends and the advertising through the New Awakenings Magazine. 14 Keepers of the Flame returned for the Saint Germain Service in the sanctuary. And there were 36 people at the Sunday Service. Everyone pitched in to help and there was a wonderful meal and fellowship following the service with people re-connecting and networking with one another.

See photos of the Archangels ICO Event, the center, the chelas and the Sunday Service below.

Glory to God and the chelas of Phoenix Teaching Center.

Phoenix Archangels ICO event-2

Phoenix Archangels ICO event-2


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