The Sugar Entity, that Wiley Fellow…

by Kathleen Wilkins

Kathleen WilkinsIt began quite innocently. I thought it would be fun to make desserts from Steven Acuff’s recipe book. There are so many healthy ingredients like sesame seeds and sunflower seed desserts, why not substitute it for a meal? One cup of coconut sugar can’t amount to much. The portion is so large, why not use it for all my meals until I run out.

I began to give myself a small ice cream every week or two, for a job well done at work. After all, it was hot outside, and I deserved it. The extra banana for my morning smoothie made it a little sweeter. Some pure and natural maple syrup on top of cereal surely wouldn’t be harmful. Then a lot more poured over healthy buckwheat pancakes. If it’s organic, gluten free, and from coconut trees, what could be wrong?

The harm happened when I woke up one night in a cold sweat, feeling weak and so tired it was frightening. Because usually I feel good. But there were days during the sugar binge I was tired for no particular reason. Years ago I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia, and told by the doctor to be careful of sugar consumption.

That night I became aware that a subtle force had spoken through my subconscious mind, as if it were my own, goading me to consume sugar. It had seemed like my own voice, but it wasn’t. Then I remembered the sugar entity. The Messenger gave it a name: sucrose C22011. Its purpose for existence: to steal light energy from blood streams full of sugar. Its only energy source.

Although white sugar may be the worst, its sugary cousins are also unhealthful for the pancreas. I happened to be reading an interesting Pearl of Wisdom by Kuthumi about the sign of Aries, which was my current astrology on the Cosmic Clock. “Thus, beloved, do not ever think that you are beyond the levels of the insidious sort of temptation and lies that are whispered in the ear of Lightbearers (as Lux-i-fer does mean*) by these well-trained members of the underworld.” (Vol. 29 No. 46)

It’s interesting that as soon as I became aware that there was an outside force goading me, the inordinate desire for sugar disappeared, and I gained control over my diet again.

For those who want to make a serious dent in their sugar intake, as well as their susceptibility to cancer, diabetes and other illness, there is hope at hand. Fitness coach and well known cookbook author JJ Virgin has written a unique book that gives suggestions on how to gradually substitute healthier alternatives for sugar. You don’t even know how good you will feel until you try it. Your future self will thank you.

Most people know sugar is bad for them, but few people know the sugar impact of seven common foods-grains, roots, fruit, low-fat and no-fat diet and dairy foods, sugary sauces and condiments, alcohol and sugary drinks, and natural and artificial sweeteners-can be the real cause of inflammation, bloating, metabolic disorders, fatigue, and weight gain.

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