The Wave of Hope in the Dominican Republic

By Deisy de los Santos

Deisy de los SantosOn October 5th of this year, our Study Group at Santo Domingo delivered a lecture open to the public named The Archangels, a Wave of Hope as part of our Church’s International Coordinated Outreach Program. Our Study Group has being supporting this wonderful initiative since 2007.

On this occasion, we started our planning phase for this event three months prior to the selected date, assigning the facilitator role for this lecture and looking for a proper site to host the audience we expected to attend.

Furthermore, we exhausted an intense period of spiritual preparation in which we included fiery calls to sponsor souls with the assistance of Elohim Arcturus, for the ICO protection and requested that all immortelles in Santo Domingo become a magnet of the Central Sun to support our Outreach event. Two weeks ahead, during our Shiva ritual, we asked the Ascended Masters to infuse the posters and flyers with light prior delivering them to our postering volunteers. It is worth noting that a week before the event, we published an announcement in two newspapers of national circulation, a paid ad campaign on Facebook and another one through Google AdWords. In addition, we posted it on the social networks Twitter and Instagram.

To complete our spiritual preparations program, a week prior to our lecture, we had a ritual to demagnetize the city of Santo Domingo of the human consciousness and to magnetize it to the divine consciousness. This ritual was strengthened with a three-day prayer vigil, to our beloved Archangel Michael for the protection of the Dominican Republic and our Outreach lecture.

Archangels lecture in Santo Domingo

In total, 127 adults attended: 35 from the Study Group, 12 who had participated in previous events but not participated in our community yet, and 80 who were new participants. Also, we had 17 children and 1 toddler. In this opportunity, we received the blessing of doubling our prior average attendance in such events. Additionally we had a fivefold increase in our revenue from the sale of books. Significantly, at these events we ask freewill offerings, which tripled.

We considered that our key success factor was the spiritual work being done a month prior the lecture, the community teamwork and goodwill demonstrated in each role assigned.

Some participants shared their testimonies. A gentleman told us he read the ad in the newspaper and said to himself – “I have to go to this conference, as I had no money, I will spend all week saving for transport and to give an offering.” And so he did! It was a wonderful experience to share his joy and satisfaction.

Another lady attended with her three children. She shared her witness with angels, she was diagnosed of breast cancer and after three sessions of chemotherapy, she asked God to heal her if it was his Holy Will because her children are still little kids. As of today, she is a cancer survivor. She told us – “I asked God to do his will as you told us today that we must ask that God’s will be done. And I know for my experience that what you said is true.”

Another significant testimony we received came from a little boy who claimed that this was the happiest day of his entire life. Always Victory!

For the first time, we had an ICO event for children and shared with them the story of The Good Shepherd.

Children learning the Good Shepherd in Santo Domingo

A magnificent preamble to kick off our new format of the Sunday rituals service which will now be intergenerational, where we will welcome children with age-appropriate stories and teachings of the Ascended Masters.

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