Outreach Was a Fantastic Success

By Mary Marechal

After much preparation and ordering of books from Melbourne, the 4 day event finally arrived.

Joy Rulewski from Sydney and Glenda Mace from Adelaide had planned to help us at the Expo. But due to heavy storms Joy’s flight was cancelled and she was unable to travel to Perth. (Joy had one of the first Study Groups in Western Australia.) In 1982, with other members of the Perth group, Joy organised an Outreach at the Hyde Park Festival. This was where Guy and I first found the Teaching). Fortunately, Glenda came from Adelaide to help us. This was a blessing as we were very short of KOF to attend our stall. So it was Glenda, Joseph Moschini and I that manned the bookstall for the four days.

Australia outreach - 2014Thursday, the first day of the Expo, was our busiest day; we sold over $500 worth of books. Joseph kindly handed out many free wallet cards to all who passed by our stand. Joseph said many people commented on the wallet chart and said it was a beautiful picture. We handed out free information packages to those who bought books. We collected names of those interested in a monthly newsletter, future events and details of our follow workshops on Archangels the Wave of Hope.

Many people recognised the chart from the I AM Movement. One chap said his mother and grandmother had both been in the I AM. Others were so happy to see books and pictures of Saint Germain and the violet flame. The favourite picture was the Threefold Flame.

On Friday, Joseph and I conducted the lecture and we had over 20 people attend. Several people were taking notes when Mother spoke. Others came back to our stand to buy books.

A young mother was looking for books to help for her boy. He had developed autism after a vaccination; she began to cry as she conveyed to us how a clever 2 year old boy was now unable to function normally. She has put him on special diet and he is starting to speak a few words again. She bought the children’s booklet about Archangel Michael and I showed her the angels healing decrees. Glenda said we will put Oscar, her little boy, in our healing calls.

Some people were interested in our Retreat in January. Glenda mentioned it’s important for new people to attend the Archangels Wave of Hope follow-up lectures and develop an understanding of the teachings and decrees before they attend SU 2015.

We all enjoyed the Outreach and felt we connected with many people. We are making extra calls for all those light bearers to attend the Archangels follow-up lectures on Monday evenings.

We will have our Summit University in Perth for the first time. This will be held 11th – 18th January. The topic will be Magnet of the Heart with Beloved Jesus and Kuthumi. Overseas visitors are most welcome to attend!

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