Angels Take Care of New Students

By Gregorio Cuevas

From May 2007 to May 2008, the company where I worked sent me to Tampico Tamaulipas, a city in the northeast of Mexico City, about 8 hours away traveling by car. At that time, I worked on activities related to the audit of distribution systems and natural gas transportation, purely technical and engineering activities on which I had already some experience.

One day, my boss at the office told me to prepare to travel to Tampico and asked me to make my bags and make other arrangements because my trip would last for a long time. At that time, I did not know it was going to be for a year, but I did as I was directed. However, I did not know the real reason why the Masters were sending me there.

In Tampico, I knew a Keeper of the Flame who helped me settle in. Except for that first day of help, I never saw him again while I was there since we were both very busy at work. Nevertheless, I thought, “I think there should be lightbearers here who should be interested in the teachings!” So I did a little publicity, placing posters in several places, for a course about abundance to be presented in the house where I lived.

When the day came, I did not get more than one person, Jose Luis Herrera, however with him came his whole family. Although I wished more people would come, I did not worry because as time passed I realized that I had gone there because of him and his family. Over time, Jose Luis became an assiduous participant and an ardent devotee, becoming a Keeper of the Flame along with his entire family. Later he invited his sister, Rosalía, and others to the teachings and began to decree. Since then, he has attended almost every Summit University Seminar held in Mexico and several of the quarterly conferences at the group of Mexico City.

Hector and Ada are a couple who were invited by Jose Luis and his sister to the teachings, they began to study and practice and liked the teachings a lot. They had a very nice experience with the angels that I wanted to share with everyone today.

On February 17, 18 and 19, 2012, the Mexico City study group hosted a seminar on “The Healing Power of Angels,” with Reverends David Drye, Carla Healy and Juanita De Los Santos giving the seminar. At this event, Hector and Ada were married under our church rituals – and really enjoyed the seminar and the sacrament. They said that their marriage in our church was something very special and from that time, they have felt very united.

Mexico wedding at Healing Power of Angels

They came back to Mexico City on April 2012 to attend the Easter Retreat in our group, they enjoyed the Conference and the community environment. Since Hector had to work the next day, they had to return to Tampico that afternoon. Encouraged and motivated by the power of the angels in our lives, they gave decrees all the way back to Tampico asking for their protection and safe return home.

At this point, it is important to mention that it was a reckless trip, since at that time it was not recommended for anyone to travel at night. The entire route that they had to travel to reach home had a very serious issue with lack of security. The drug cartels had a very strong presence throughout the area, however, the angels took care of them and were with them all the way and wanted Hector and Ada to realize it.

When they were about 6 miles away from home, they stopped at a red light and saw a very tall man of almost 6 feet tall standing there, fully dressed in white and wearing a robe. He smiled at them like welcoming them home, and then the light changed allowing them to continue their journey. As they drove on, they wondered who was this strange man and what was he doing at that hour of the night (around 1:00 am). Hector asked his colleagues about the strange man in the area, but no one could give him an explanation. They think that the angels protected them throughout their journey and also wanted them to realize that they had been their company all the way!

Jose Luis, his family, Rosalía, Hector and Ada continue in the teachings. They are very grateful to God for having found them and are very pleased and happy with the path. They have seen the truth of life and found many answers and reasons for continuing in the teachings. They share the teachings with other people when they can and continue to gather in their area to decree and hold some of our church services. Whenever it is possible, they attend the Summit University Seminars and others events in our Study Group in Mexico.

Sometimes you do not know why you have to go somewhere, but God KNOWS it! The next time you travel somewhere, ask yourself if there are any chelas of the Masters in that location and how you could contact them, sometimes you do not have to do much, the Masters do most of the work.

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