The Kalki and Violet Flame Outreach

by Jaspal Soni

During last fortnight, the Chananda Cultural Society celebrated two outreach victories in New Delhi. On Sunday, September 28, we hosted the workshop, “Are you Kalki? The Tenth Incarnation of Vishnu—the Kalki Avatar” at the India Habitat Center. Kalki is the name of the tenth and final incarnation of Vishnu, the second person of the Hindu Trinity, who has been prophesized to incarnate at the end of the Kali Yuga. This thinking is very much parallel to that in the West about the second coming of the Jesus Christ who also has been prophesized to reappear from the clouds during the end times. Our workshop was well-attended by a diverse group of seekers.

October 12 India workshop

On Sunday, October 12, we had another workshop, ‘Violet Flame Can Heal Body, Mind and Soul’ held in a hotel located in the southern section of New Delhi. This was our experiment with a new venue located in a closer proximity to the ashram at a relatively cheaper cost. We booked the room for 25 people and had actually 27 people who attended.

Both workshops were held from 10 am until 5:30 pm with a 45 minutes break for lunch and two fifteen minutes breaks for coffee and tea. People seemed to be very interested in learning about Kalki (our Krishna consciousness, Higher Self or Atman) and the inter-connections of the chart of the I AM Presence, the science of the spoken word and violet flame decrees. We did several violet flame and blue flame decrees which was a powerful group experience. There were a few Indian Army and Air Force officers and a couple of medical doctors who seemed to be keenly interested in the teachings.

The energies were very uplifting and highly charged in the room. One could feel the presence of Mother and the masters. Some people testified to the uplifting energies and expressed their desire to come to our final workshop on Sunday, November 2, ‘Unlock Secret Keys for Happiness and Prosperity with the Violet Agni’ scheduled to be held in another venue in south Delhi.

We are also considering hosting two more workshops in New Delhi in late November/early December on Mastering Keys to Personal Abundance & Prosperity and Walking with the Seven Archangels. There seems to be a great interest in both these topics. Meanwhile, we are planning three free follow-up workshops on Sundays during the months of October and November (October 19, October 26 and November 9) from 5:00 pm-6:30 pm at the ashram.

The India Team would like to thank you for your prayers and loving support which is making all these victories possible.

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