A Key to Wholeness

By Carla Groenewegen
Summit University Director

In Summit University we often hear from students about the personal transformative powers of our online courses. In October’s El Morya’s Garden, I shared with you what some students were saying about our Outreach Principles and Techniques in The Summit Lighthouse course and how it transformed their perspective and gave them greater enthusiasm and impetus for outreach.

This month I’d like to introduce you to one of our most transformative courses—Spiritual Psychology 1. Joyce Carels of The Summit Lighthouse Holland took the course in Spring Semester 2014 and witnessed to the key to wholeness and the foundation of Christhood that she found in this course. I would like to share her story with you.

The Foundation of Christhood

I was happily surprised to discover that the Spiritual Psychology I course contained the book Understanding Yourself as well as Mother’s lectures about these dictations. This gave me an opportunity to study these teachings in-depth. I did attend the SU Seminars Understanding Yourself before, but it was not until I did this course that I really grasped the fullness of these precious teachings.

Joyce CarelsThe combination of Assagioli’s teachings on psychosynthesis and the masters’ teachings on spiritual psychology proved to be very effective to find elements of my psychology that I wasn’t aware of before, to consciously contact them, understand them, and do the necessary spiritual and psychological work to transmute them. Many elements in my being took the opportunity to make themselves known and grab my attention, to be purified and integrated, or transmuted. The assignments in the course, the tangible sponsorship of the masters, the decrees and the psychosynthesis practices brought about a revolution in my being, probably comparable with a SU quarter.

I am grateful that I took the time and effort to make lists of the masters’ statements and compose specific calls from their teachings. I keep these lists and calls at my altar, and when my attention is drawn to one of them, I make the call. The psychosynthesis meditation on the “Real Image” still proves to be very powerful to draw down and precipitate the Divine Image that I invoked with my calls and decrees.

The master councils us, “Reread this series until it is a part of the inner instruction that is written in the heart.” And I found it to be the key to wholeness, thus the foundation of Christhood.

Spiritual Psychology is transforming!

Won’t you join us for the transforming experience of Spiritual Psychology 1 this Spring Semester 2015? Don’t miss this opportunity to delve deeply into your personal psychology and make progress on healing aspects of your soul. This outcome, however, is totally up to you. It will depend on how determined you are to work with the ascended masters and apply the teachings given. May you have profound insights, miracles of soul healing, and an expanded awareness of your Higher Self!

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