Living the Teachings

By Ineke Kletter

For me “Living the Teachings” has a lot to do with becoming a child of God. It is important to me to make sure that my inner child gets the attention she needs in case of fear, anxiety, or whatever energy comes up or comes to me gets transmuted.

Mother Mary and Jesus statueFor a long time I lived a life of running, working and helping others. The problem was that I forgot myself! If I didn’t feel quite well or disturbed or out of balance, it was mostly at a subconscious level. I often wasn’t even aware that something was not right in my feeling world.

A long time ago I had therapy and learned that we all have our qualities, our talents (our treasures in heaven,) as well as the things we need to improve on. And I also learned about inner child work. It took quite a few years and the help of a friend to make it my habit to consciously attune to my inner child, my soul, to ask her how she is doing.

It sometime happened that because of this question and the attention I paid to my feeling world, I discovered that there was sadness in me, or fear, or a feeling of unworthiness, or some other feeling that needed to be addressed. Often I discovered that previous to that feeling there was a thought, either my own or a projection, that I was bad, less worthy, not loved, because of falling short of the mark for one or other reason. So (self-)criticism or condemnation was involved then.

I have learned to talk to my inner child, to ask her how she is doing, ask her what she needs, to comfort her, to reassure her. I call to beloved Mother Mary and other dear heavenly helpers, my beloved Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self for comfort, love and help. Then I tell my soul, “I can understand that you feel this or that way, but you know, you do not need to believe that you are bad. It is not true. God loves you, I love you, you are good, you are worthy.” And I say to my soul, “You know, something wonderful is going to happen!” And I know that with God this is always the Truth.

I have observed that with the daily decrees and by being more aware when my inner child, my soul, needs attention, even when there is the slightest form of a feeling of imbalance, and paying that attention to her, I have become a much happier and balanced person. I do experience a deeper inner peace.

Yes, I am a happy child of God! God is in me, I am free, now and for eternity! Praise God for the Teachings of the Ascended Masters!

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