How Geometry Can Help Your Spiritual Growth

By Craig Nicholson

How many of you enjoyed geometry at school? Probably not many. I quite liked geometry, but I definitely wasn’t as excited about it as I am today, probably because my geometry teacher didn’t understand the amazing role that geometry plays in the creation of the universe.

Pythagoras (Kuthumi) was a great teacher of old. He had a school at Crotona where he taught some of the mysteries of life, including that there were patterns and harmonies in life that were all based on mathematics and geometry. We see Mother Nature creating form in geometric patterns in many areas. For instance, the perfect symmetry of many flowers, the honeycomb, down to snow flakes and crystals.

Another way that it manifests in nature is in the golden ratio, which is Mother Nature’s growth formula! (Fortunately the pharmaceutical companies haven’t been able to patent and bottle it.) This is an ever-expanding ratio, named Phi in mathematics, and is found all through nature in the growth of life, like how the branches grow out of the stem of a plant.

Nautilus shell by Chris 73 of WikimediaIn its spiral form it is called the golden spiral. We see it in the spiral of the nautilas shell, the centre of a sunflower or a daisy, and out into the galactic scale of the shape of the spiral galaxies.

By this time you may be asking yourself: That’s interesting, but so what? How can it help me? There is the ancient law, attributed to Hermes Trismegistus, which states “as above, so below.” The patterns in nature here below, embedded in nature, are a reflection of that which is above in the heaven world. Here’s an excerpt from Lord Maitreya: “Hold in your hand an abalone shell or a chambered nautilus. Follow the golden ratio of the movement of life and know that in the geometric designs of creation God is, and where God is, there I AM. Behold, the I AM THAT I AM is within you as law, as geometry, as the science of being.” (Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 18 No. 49.)

That is a very profound statement! But how do you use this information? Here are some ideas. The key to our health and well-being is being in harmony with God and with nature. And we’ve seen that nature is created with patterns of beauty and geometry. According to cosmic law, what we put our attention on, grows. It will help our young children and those of all ages to regularly put their attention on beauty and geometric forms. This can be pictures, ornaments, games etc. You know as well as I do, that they are not getting much of this in the schoolrooms and in their TV programs.

Do you doubt this will make a real difference? Here is an excerpt from Paul the Venetian on December 29, 1983: “Cancer itself is evidence of an absence of focalization upon the divine geometry of the internal crystal of the soul and of every living cell. When children can pour their light into a cup of beauty and the dimensions of mathematics portrayed, the very dimensions themselves then impressed upon the cells prevent the aberrations, such as a manifestation of cancer or the vulnerability to the attack of the virus. Geometry is a science explained by Pythagoras and demonstrated by him. It is the science of God and its formulas are illustrative of the fact of the very energy of life that can be focused in the angle, in the pyramid, in the octagon, in the cell structure that is also geometric.” (Pearl of Wisdom Vol. 27 No. 3, January 15, 1984)

It is amazing what a difference this can make in our lives. The masters have referred to geometry quite often. A search on TSL Search for “geometry” gives 219 hits. Plus there are more under other search terms like Golden Ratio etc. It may appear that the Masters sometimes use the word geometry for poetic or aesthetic effects. But as we have seen above, there is more to it than that. It is probably more like a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered. If you would like more information, please visit my educational Sacred Geometry website at which includes several quotes from the Masters (and an amazing quote by Mother), with permission from TSL. Happy discovering!

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