Summit University in Miami

By Rev. Bonita Frazier

Kenneth and I had the wonderful opportunity to host SU, “The Path of the Bodhisattva, Part I – Develop the Compassionate Heart” in Fort Lauderdale, Florida from August 30th to September 1, 2014. This seminar was organized by the groups there: the Miami Study Group, the Broward Study Group, the West Palm Beach Study Group and the Palm Beach Teaching Center.

SU Seminar in Miami

We all thought that it was a tremendous celebration of Light and our Beloved Kwan Yin made her presence tangibly felt. Some of the comments from participants were:

“This seminar was extremely pertinent and very well timed. I learned so much and I am grateful.”

“My experience in this seminar was wonderful for my soul and the peace of my heart.”

There were 51 people present and three of them were brand new. Many participants were Spanish speaking and there was simultaneous translation.

At the end of Summit University, 5 adults participated in the Sacrament of Baptism. If your teaching center or study group has not hosted this particular Summit University seminar, please consider it. It was a wonderful experience of camaraderie of all involved, and we had great discussions on the very practical and timely teachings that were presented.

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