Fall Outreach in New Delhi

By Jaspal Soni

After a long, hot and humid summer that lasted from May-August, the weather finally is beginning to turn for the better in New Delhi. The mornings are relatively cooler and the afternoons feel milder with temperatures in the upper eighties and low humidity. The late Monsoon rains that arrived here in late August have helped much in cooling down the onslaught of the heat wave.

We resumed our fall outreach schedule on Sunday, September 14 at the famous venue in New Delhi, ‘India Habitat Centre’ located in the heart of the city. The timings were from 10:00 am-5:00 pm. We had been advertising in the local magazines and newspapers about the workshop since July. Poonam, the administrative assistant of the Chananda Cultural Society, has been busy sending emails and text messages to the potential seekers in the area. The registration fee for the workshop included a vegetarian lunch buffet as well as mid-morning and mid-afternoon tea/coffee treats. This is a customary practice to serve food on the premises when holding all-day long workshops.

The topic was ‘How to Work with the Angels and Ascended Masters: Your Guides, Guardians and Friends.’   We had booked the room for 25 people and for the first time, 32 people came, more than what we had expected. There were nine people attending who had come to our workshops before and 19 new seekers.

Chananda Society lecture Sept 14, 2014

The energies in the room were electrified and one could feel the presence of the Messengers, angels and the masters. Some people in the audience testified to that effect. We also had good sales at the book desk as we sold pocketguides, decree CDs, wallet-size cards, etc. As it is also a normal practice here, we gave certificates of attendance to everyone at the conclusion of the workshop.

We are expecting more people in the future workshops beginning with the one on September 28 ‘Are You Kalki? The Tenth Incarnation of Vishnu: The Kalki Avatar.’ This topic is very timely in India as people are looking for Kalki to appear from the heaven world in anticipation of the SatYuga (Golden Age).

The other two workshops planned are on the violet agni: ‘Transform and Heal Yourself and Others with the Amazing Violet Agni (fire)’ on October 12 and ‘Unlock the Secret Keys for Happiness and Prosperity with the Violet Agni (fire)’on November 2nd.

We also planned five follow-up PowerPoint workshops scheduled on Sundays between September 21 and November 10 at the ashram to help people get grounded in the teachings. These are free workshops. The first one is on September 21 from 5:00 pm-6:30 pm on ‘Forgiveness and Healing.’ Others include: ‘Practicing the science of the spoken word’, ‘Your individuality in God’, ‘The Ascended Masters’ retreats’, and ‘Seven rays of God and you.’

We feel the turning of the tide for the Chananda Cultural Society by the grace of God as more and more people are responding to the teachings here. The India Planning Committee would like to thank you for your prayers and continued support.

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