How I Reconnected with the Teachings…

…of The Ascended Masters in this Life

By Olav Nordemann

Olav NordemannIt all started in 1962. Mark Prophet gave a dictation to a devotee of Alpha in London Ontario Canada. I was 10 years old and lived not 25 miles from London. Seed was planted.

The next time that I saw and knew that I was to find something exciting was when I was 26. I lived in Amsterdam, The Netherlands at that time. I was a nut butter maker in a Natural Food distribution company called Manna. We all had a Macrobiotic meal together at lunch. A few of the regulars stopped showing up for that meal. I needed to find out why. I go to the parking lot and see them bent over concentrating and I see them reciting something together. There is a humming coming from the car that was not running. I tap on the window and ask what they are doing? I do not remember what they said but that was my first contact with decrees.

Let’s go back seven months. Somehow in my own way, I started making a 3 ring binder full of poems and word art. I carry that with me everywhere I go. I show it to any-one who will look at it. Little did I know that a short time later I would hold in my hand my first Decree Book. Remember the humming that was coming out of that car?

So I become a Keeper of The Flame. My first test was to surrender my beloved Macrobiotic Diet. We were to do vegetarianism or No. 1 diet or something. Little did I know that many years later, other people from Holland would introduce our beloved community to the Macrobiotic Diet. Thank You, Jenny and Celeste.

The only decrees on tape at that time in Holland were Mother Mary’s Rosary. That is where I heard Mothers voice for the first time.

I knew for at least 6 months that I was to find something. Not sure what, I had already found Macrobiotics, so what else could there be, Right? At one point on a Saturday afternoon I was wandering around Amsterdam and found the Temple of___. I went in to see what that was all about. A representative said, we will be starting a class in 15 minutes please stay here and I will be right back. I stood there. Then, my head resounded with a command, “GET OUT NOW!” I obeyed and saved myself countless days, maybe years in the wrong place.

I eventually moved back to Canada, then to the Inner Retreat in 1985, where I was North Ranch Staff for 11 years. I am still working part-time on staff and have been a Keeper of the Flame for 33 years.

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