Breaking the Bread of the Teachings

By Carla Groenewegen

As director and instructor for SU Online, many students tell me how our Outreach Principles and Techniques in The Summit Lighthouse course has transformed their perspective and given them greater enthusiasm and impetus for outreach in their city. And they are getting results! I’d like to share comments from two of them with you.

What SU Online Students Are Saying About the Outreach Course

Elizabeth St. Clair wrote an article a few months ago for El Morya’s Garden that describes how her participation in SU Online’s outreach course (EDUC 1380) this past spring impacted her outreach participation in the Washington D.C. teaching center.

To me this was an inspiring and extremely helpful class. I belong to the Washington DC Community Teaching Center and we participate every year in two expo’s and follow-up lectures…. There are many venues to outreach and EDUC 1380 is the perfect class to understand how to go out into the world and preach the gospel to every living creature…. The most important thing I learned from the class EDUC 1380 is you must make a plan.

Chicago outreach and SU

Justina Torres also took the class in the spring, which inspired her to get more involved in two outreach events with the Chicago Teaching Center this fall.

Without the course, I wouldn’t have known exactly what to do to prepare for each event, and how to coordinate proper follow-up work for our new seekers afterward. I would have just been making it up as I went. As a result of two booth outreach events this fall, we have added 78 new people to our email list and have had almost 10 new people visit our center so far! Two more members of the teaching center are taking the course now. Having multiple community members go through the course really changes how the group views outreach. It makes a huge difference, because everyone is receiving the same teaching and getting behind the same vision. It’s very unifying.

Do you also want to break the bread of the Teachings with others?

Outreach is an essential part of the growth of any organization. For The Summit Lighthouse, reaching out heart-to-heart to find our brothers and sisters is of vital importance because the ascended masters tell us that souls are being lost every day. The masters want us to reach those souls who need to ascend in this life and who need to find this teaching.

Then this is the course for you!

Regardless of whether you are just getting started or have been doing outreach for years, this course will meet you where you are at and help you take your outreach skills up to the next level.

  • Study the foundational outreach teachings that are contained in The Message of the Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness.
  • Learn the key concepts to convey to those who attend your outreach events.
  • Understand the formula that is given by the masters for the quickening of souls and discover the spiral of energy that is for the conversion of souls.
  • Know the nuts and bolts of outreach from planning and preparation—everything from the choice of venue for your ascended master event to the set-up of the room—through to the follow-up, including “tips from the trenches” from others who have experience in outreach and stumping.

You may also experience great transformation in your own world at all levels.

Outreach is an important part of fulfilling your own personal mission and balancing karma to make your ascension. It can be an opportunity for tremendous acceleration on our personal spiritual path. In fact, the masters have told us that at a certain point you cannot progress further on the spiritual path unless you witness and share with others what you have received.

Apply now!

I invite you to join Elizabeth, Justina, and others who have taken Summit University Online’s Outreach Principles and Techniques in The Summit Lighthouse course!

Apply by November 17 to take this course and other SU Online courses in Spring Semester 2015 by going to the Application Process page on the SU website. Apply for the credit program of your choice — Ministerial, Leadership or General studies — or apply as an audit student and you will receive a 50 percent discount on your registration fees.

Questions? Email the SU Online registrar at

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