The Importance of Outreach – Mexico City

The importance of outreach of the Ascended Masters Teachings

By Gregorio Cuevas
Thanks to Patricia Butterworth for translation

At the end of September 2009, a Keeper of the Flame and I were appointed by the leadership of Church Universal and Triumphant, as the National Coordinators of the Outreach in Mexico and I also was elected as President of the TSL Study Group in Mexico City. It was a great challenge for me because the study group just passed a very difficult time, and it was necessary on the one hand to maintain the achievements of the group until then, and on the other, redirect efforts, set new goals and continue the mission of the legacy of the Messengers. Although it was a big test I always kept my faith in God and the Masters that I would be never be alone if I held their hand and walked with them.

At that time, I felt in my heart that the priority of the hour was to do outreach and I meditated in my heart to find the best method and way to expand the teachings as well as bring in them the lightbearers. I designed and took forward a process that let us start new groups in Mexico and bring souls to the teachings and our centers.

Mexico outreachTo this day the process continues with magnificent results, many people have come into the teachings and become Keepers of the Flame and communicants, they tell people about the benefits and the truth about the teachings, it sets off a chain reaction that keeps the teachings expanding to people everywhere.

I remember a particular case at that time: a couple who was in the “search” arrived to the group (México City’s TSL). What they have experienced in another movement had not convinced them and then they started to look for the truth on their own. Then, in their turn they told some of their peers about our organization and that resulted in more people coming to our study group.

The group where they came from, was a group that knew the Teachings of the Ascended Masters, Guru Ma and so all our organization, but the leader had distorted the truth about the Teachings and fixed them to his convenience. In front of them, he stated that he belonged to the leadership of the Church, and that he was an Elder, he had the audacity to say he was a Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, he gave dictations and had a group that he molded and conglomerated it around himself!

It wasn’t easy for these souls to accept that their “Guru” wasn’t what he said he was, and that everything he represented was a lie, from one moment to another his idol was broken. It was a difficult time for them but also a key moment for them and us; we needed to pray for them and pay special attention to the process that we could help and cure the situation which they were going through and receive the true teachings.

We, then constituted a group of about 25 people, in which most of them were a very constant people, they used to go all Saturdays to our group to receive the teachings; to keep them interested, we designed a series of courses that suitable to meet the Masters, the Messengers, our organization, and in general everything we are and represent.

Mexico outreach lecturesFrom this group, various people have joined our organization, two of them are very active members in the leadership of one group in the North of México City, which we started at that time. Others are still going to the México City study group.

Also, a lady that is now anchored in the teachings, shared the teachings with her nephew. This young man studied them for some time and got convinced of the truth. He enrolled as a Keeper of the flame and has already experienced being at the Ranch in Montana for one of the Freedom conferences, plus he is member of the current board of directors of the TSL México city group. What a great experience!

At this point, what I can say is, that everything, absolutely everything, that we do to expand the teachings counts. The prayers, the calls at the altar, our conversation with people that we meet on a plane, in the café, in the street, all efforts that we do, count. We don’t know the plan of God in the macrocosm or what he is planning to do in the short term or over a long time.

One might say that we are not prepared or don’t have the resources, but that is only in our finite mind, in the infinite mind of God such lacks don’t exist, and they are already covered and resolved. But God needs to see our determination and good will to serve as His instruments. Every time we do or we don’t do something for the expansion of light, for the spreading of the teachings, we limit God in his plan for all the earth.

So, let us do our best effort to spread the teachings of the Ascended Masters! Always Victory!

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