Becoming a Volunteer for Project Reach Out

By Patricia Parham

El Morya needs you! Are you ready to answer the call?

This story is about one of beloved El Mory’s chelas. Morya’s chela was looking for a way to work for the Ascended Masters without leaving the comfort of his home. A voracious reader, he likes talking to people and remembers the Ascended Masters encouraging Keepers of the Flame (KOF) to talk to people about the Teachings. However, he did not feel right talking to his friends and co-workers. He was not excited about organizing or advertising for outreach events, either.

At the Summer Conference, a friend invited Morya’s chela to join her at the Project Reach Out (PRO) luncheon where he could meet people who were doing outreach from home. It sounded like just the thing for Morya’s chela.

PRO volunteer meetingAt the luncheon, Morya’s chela met a team of Keepers of the Flame from PRO. Some were on the PRO Contact Team and others were on the PRO Prayer Team. The Contact Team reaches out to inquirers, in a one-month period, by calling, sending an e-mail and/or mailing a letter. The Prayer Team reaches out by praying for inquirers before, during and after they are distributed to the contact team members. A monthly call sheet is also provided to both prayer and contact team members who all agree to make calls for the PRO Team Mandala, Contact Team and Prayer Team, the inquirers and all PRO volunteers, each day.

Morya’s chela decided to give the contact team a try. He was interviewed, signed confidentiality agreements and a commitment to decree at least one hour per day (he does that already.) After training and drafting first and second approach letters, Morya’s chela was ready to begin. He felt that sharing the joy of the Teachings would be a great way to serve. He received the first few names of inquirers, sent out emails and letters, and waited. No response in two weeks. Disappointing, but he sent out the second approach letters and received a response in the mail! After that, Morya’s chela began to talk to this person on the phone. It was exciting to be sharing the Teachings with a new person!

As Morya’s chela received names each week, he built a momentum on making the calls and reaching out regularly. Morya’s chela began to receive more responses. He reported his successes to his prayer team partners who were happy to share in the victories. One day an inquirer asked to share a testimony.

John Vigil said, “I have been using the violet flame for some time now and can honestly say that I can feel the difference in my life since I’ve been using them. In fact, I won’t start my day without my decrees!” Morya’s chela felt humbled and grateful to have provided a service and witnessed to the power of the Ascended Masters, the violet flame and decrees.

PRO is a loving mandala serving the Ascended Masters, providing outreach for The Summit Lighthouse to those who order a book, a DVD or an information packet.

To apply, please contact Patricia Parham at or 972-418-1957 (USA) or Craig Nicholson at (Canada).

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