The Power of Decrees

By Bess Hubbard

This is my witness about the power of decrees, and the Ruby Ray inserts.

As we all know from the news, a black teen was shot and killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9, 2014. I was following the news reports from a distance. But then on Sunday night August 17th, I turned on the news … and all the coverage was live from Ferguson. I was not prepared for what I saw. The streets were blanketed with protesters and police, and even tear gas. The police were in military gear. And their guns were pointed at the people. I was paralyzed with despair. It was the 1960s on my TV screen all over again. Was this America, or Afghanistan? I thought to myself. At first, I sat watching feeling totally helpless all Sunday night…

By Monday, the helplessness I felt was overwhelming. And I began to realize my helplessness was — how else to put it — inappropriate. What if things got violent between the police and the protesters — and I had uttered no prayer? It was that tense and scary. I had been listening to Mother’s lectures on decrees from “Mastering the Science of the Spoken Word,” and she said if you don’t have total belief and faith in your heart and soul that God will do what he says he will do, you are short-cutting what he can do for you physically, when you decree. I had to think about that in a very real and immediate way. Was I going to believe on my despair and helplessness and remain mute? Could I live with what was happening, and may happen? I thought about the ascended master Igor …

I finally held my head in my hands and cried aloud to myself, I know this is why I am here! I know this is my purpose! I must not stay silent! I must pray! With my head still in my hands I made a call, bowing before the Light of every ascended master that I thought to name, and the messengers … and I implored their intercession … for protection, for peace, for God’s will. And I felt the response. I felt hope.

The next morning, I got out my Ruby Ray booklet and gave several inserts, along with some calls to Afra that were published in the 1990s. That night, I turned on the news as soon as I got home from work to watch the live coverage, and got out my sword and made more calls into the night. I emailed a few friends and said, “Dinner will have to wait tonight because I am watching and praying,” and asked them to join me. Each morning I’d find myself awake before my alarm at 6:45am, then 6:30am, then 6:05am, then 5:53am … I’d rouse myself and go to my altar and give the Ruby Ray and Afra inserts.

Violet flame, USA map and Saint Germain

After the first morning I gave the calls, that night the tension had eased but only a little. It was like everyone was waiting for the match to be lit, as one reporter put it. The next night, things were a bit more more relaxed, but still very tense. Each night, by God’s grace, was less tense than the night before, until finally no tear gas, no disruptions in the crowds, no cops in military gear, and finally the National Guard departed altogether.

I can only be grateful. I am not unique. I can only bear witness to what God can do physically through decrees. And I can never allow myself to indulge that helplessness again, because now I know better.

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