Major 2015 SU Event in Darjeeling!

By Stephen Drake

SU 2015 in Darjeeling IndiaChananda Cultural Society is moving ahead with a September 2015 SU event in Darjeeling, India. 80 chelas will sit in El Morya’s presence for a 7 night event in Darjeeling. The 3-4 day SU program is still being discussed but it will be one that should not be missed.

The remaining days in Darjeeling will include sightseeing of a wonderful Buddhist temple called the Ghoom Monastery. This Monastery includes a huge Tibetan Lord Maitreya statue that was built in 1875 in Lhasa, Tibet and you can spin the many prayer wheels that surround the Monastery. El Morya was still in embodiment at that time and could have frequented that Monastery. We will also visit tea plantations and experience the wonder of seeing the 27,000+ ft Himalayan Mountains where the sun reflects each day on the high, snow-capped peaks.

The SU event will be at the largest and best hotel in Darjeeling, but this facility only has room for about 80 attendees. If you cannot come to this event, then CCS is planning later events so you will have a chance later.

At the July Class in MT, about 200 people signed up for information on this trip. If you feel called for this trip then please send your email to and we will put you on our list (only if you did not sign up in MT). You never know who will drop off our sign-up list and it is possible that you can still go. We will be sending out an email soon with details to those on our list.

There will be no translations at this event so please make sure you can understand English. Unfortunately the hotel facility is not set up for translations at this time.

There are also a few optional side trips that are available after we leave Darjeeling. The first trip is through the many sites of old and new Delhi and seeing the Master’s focuses of the God and Goddess Meru and the Maha Chohan en route to the Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal is a most exquisite building built by the Shah Jahan, an embodiment of Kuthumi, to exhibit his love for his wife. We will then visit Jaipur the heart chakra of India, where many of the buildings are really pink. There are wonderful clothing shops and jewelry in Jaipur. It is famous for emeralds and rubies. We will take an elephant ride to the hill side fort where Akbar, an embodiment of El Morya, lived and fought off invading forces. We will continue to the birthplace of Krishna who was an incarnation of the Lord Vishnu. Vishnu is the equivalent of the Christ to many Hindus and would represent the middle figure in the I AM Presence chart.

The next optional side trip we will go to is in Northern India to several Buddhist highlights. We begin in the most holy city of Varanasi or previously called Benares. Mother and chelas were there in 1980. We continue to Deer Park where Buddha delivered his 4 Noble Truths and the 8-Fold Path to his first 5 disciples. From there it is on to Nalanda University where Padma Sambhava and Buddha both taught their students. Finally we go to Bodh Gaya where Buddha attained his enlightenment and we will see the Bodhi Tree and commune with the flame of Gautama.
The final leg of the side trip will be to the Ajanta Caves and Mumbai where we will experience the World Heritage site that contain hand-carved Buddhist temples and statues along with wonderful frescos painted on the ceilings of a series of caves in north east India.

Everyone will leave from Delhi to their international destinations but we will stop in to see the CCS Ashram and meet our expanding number of Indian chelas and your brothers and sisters of light.

We will see you in Darjeeling!

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