New Teaching Center in Phoenix

By Rosalinda Siciliano

Phoenix Teaching Center fountainThe members of the Phoenix Teaching Center want to share the good news! We have moved into a beautiful sanctuary space this week! The TC is located in the heart of Phoenix at Tudor Plaza, 1105 N. 20th Street, Suite 115, Phoenix, 85016. With 1700 square feet of space, this condo offers a sanctuary room, a children’s room and a second smaller sanctuary room. We have other amenities, such as a beautiful courtyard with a huge fountain and lots of greenery.

One of the reasons we are so elated is that we have waited and worked a long time to realize this blessing. Just as Milarepa had to rebuild, we have set up and taken down the sanctuary every week for the last six years. However, renting previously in a school space gave us lots of practice in working together and provided a means for saving money.

We will set up Mary’s Way in the children’s room and also begin to offer child care during outreach. Thank you for your prayers for cutting free the light bearers who are ready to find the teachings!

Phoenix is a Mecca for seekers with its strong presence of the Sun and etheric retreats of John the Beloved and Eriel of the Light. There is a huge metaphysical movement here. Phoenix is called the Valley of the Sun. The name Phoenician means “dealers in purple” referring to the ancient Phoenicians who sailed the seas as traders who sold a special, precious, expensive purple dye from the Murex sea animal. Only the very wealthy could afford this purple dye.

Now, WE are the dealers of purple as the Violet Flame and one of our cosmic purposes is to be prayer warriors armed with the violet flame. The Great Divine Director reminded us of the great possibilities of the violet flame action when he dictated here with Mother in February, 1988.

You are invited to visit us as a snow bird or tourist. Phoenix has a lot to offer as the fifth largest city in the nation, surrounded with mountains, yet spread out as a “big, little city”. You can reach us at and 480.442.5020.

God bless you on your journey!

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