From The India Corridor – July 2014

By Jaspal Soni

Darjeeling lights

I arrived in Silver Spring, MD in early June to attend the summer conference and Summit University and also to escape the extreme heat and humid weather of New Delhi. The average daily temperature had been more than 110 degrees with 80 percent humidity for the past several days. Like the trend of the previous years, most residents of New Delhi had already left the city for the cooler regions of the Himalayan Mountains.

While in Montana, I loved the summer conference, Seize the Torch: Carry Your Light into the New Age followed by the Summit University Seminar, Become the Buddha. Both events were held in the King Arthur’s Court from June 29 thru July 11.

I return to India during the middle of August to resume the outreach activities of the Chananda Cultural Society. In my absence, Ms. Poonam Chugh, the administrative assistant of the Society and other faithful chelas are holding the balance. They meet weekly on Saturdays at the ashram and give decrees for two hours or more.

Upon my return, we have plans to hold four workshops during the months of September-November in New Delhi. The themes of the workshops are:

Workshop 1: How to Work with the Angels and Ascended Masters: Your Guides, Guardians and Friends, September 14, 2014

Workshop 2: Are you Kalki? The Tenth Incarnation of Vishnu—the Kalki Avatar, September 28, 2014

Workshop 3: Transform and Heal Yourself and Others with the Amazing Violet Agni (fire), October 12, 2014

Workshop 4: Unlock Secret Keys for Happiness and Prosperity with the Violet Agni (fire), November 2, 2014

We are also planning our first Summit University seminar in Darjeeling in September 2015. The venue for this event is a beautiful historic hotel located in the heart of the city with many grand marble statues and fragrant gardens. The hotel has a big auditorium. We are looking forward to sharing the riches of the Summit University teachings and the treasures of the Indian culture with our brothers and sisters.

I am looking forward to returning to my ‘post’ in New Delhi next month after having received adequate amount of R&R and a recharge of light from the Inner Retreat. It is like an electron who must return to its native orbit after having received a boost of energy from the white fire core of the nucleus. My ministry of last two and half years in India continues to enrich my life and I have a deep appreciation and gratitude for the ongoing work of the Brotherhood there.

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