Finding the Teachings in Colorado Springs

By Rev. Sidney Bennett

I usually got sleepy in my 10th grade study hall right after lunch – but not that day. I was about a third of the way through a book I found in my father’s library about Edgar Cayce. I was so excited to have found a teaching that made sense to me – karma and reincarnation! Suddenly I saw everything in a different light. The missing links in Christianity and the life of Jesus were suddenly there. Even with many questions still unanswered, I knew I was on to something and I determined to keep on until I found the highest truth.

I eagerly continued my reading and spiritual pursuits the next few years, ever seeking a deeper wisdom. The next few years passed quickly and soon it was time to choose a college. I had decided on the University of Oregon and was busy making my plans. Then out of the blue an old friend called me and said he was going to the University of Colorado in Boulder and wouldn’t it be fun to go off together? It did seem like a good idea and that fall found me in Colorado.

College was a very challenging time as I was trying to integrate my spiritual interests with a social and academic environment that seemed to pull me in the other direction. I was still searching, but it didn’t seem to be leading anywhere.

I was always looking for others to talk to about the spiritual path, but few seem interested. One who was recommended a book for me (I later discovered it was a false teaching) and when I went to the library to check it out, it was not available. As I browsed the other books in the section one seemed to “jump off” the shelf to me. It was the I AM Discourses. Something clicked with me, but I didn’t know what it was. I checked it out and started to read it, but found it confusing. I remember sitting on the grass the spring of my senior year (1971) and staring at the book trying to figure out what I was supposed to do with it. Finally, I returned to the library and got the first two books in the series, Unveiled Mysteries and The Magic Presence.

I read and re-read the books. I kept expecting a white dove to come to my window with a gold invitation, but alas it never happened. I did tell everyone who would listen about Saint Germain and the Ascended Masters. One girl where I worked part-time was reading the classified ads when I was telling her and she found an ad for a bookstore in Denver with Ascended Master Teachings.

I went there the next day and was told about a conference the following weekend in Colorado Springs that I might find interesting!

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I arrived at the headquarters of the Summit Lighthouse the next Saturday. The registration table was outside and not much bigger than an end table. It was $5 for the conference and soon I found myself seated in what I guessed was the living room of the mansion. I was handed a “decree book” with only a few pages of decrees and had no idea what they were. So I just sat there, wondering what in the world I was doing there!

Mark and Mother at La TourelleSoon Mark and Elizabeth came out and Mark started to talk about a political figure of the time and Mark’s life as Longfellow– I wasn’t sure what to make of all this. When he was done, Elizabeth came to the altar and taught us about the song, “God, God, God.” At last there was something I did understand! It was a beautiful teaching and I have never forgotten it.

Next thing I knew, the lights were lowered, the doors were closed and we were told to be as still as possible. Although I thought of heading for the exits, it was too late as the music started to play.

It was a dictation from Mother Mary. I wasn’t raised Catholic, so I had never thought much about her, except at Christmas. She said it was our time on the stage and the angels were holding their breath to see if we would act our parts the way we should. She told us she would not give us our victory even if she could because she would never take from us the joy of winning our ascension.

As I left that day, Mark and Elizabeth were at the door saying good-bye to everyone. At the time I didn’t think a lot about shaking Lanello’s hand, but I do believe a tie was created that day that has been a great mercy and help for me these many years since.

As I drove home to Boulder that night, I was more than a little overwhelmed, but I did know something. These teachings were true, my search was over and my path home to God was before me. I was filled with gratitude. Now the true work could finally begin.

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