Opportunity as Project Reach Out

By Dawn Curran

Working with Project Reach Out has been a tremendous blessing in my life. When I first found the Teachings some time in the early 1980’s I lived in a small town in Maine. After I worked up the courage to call Customer Support they told me there was a Study Group in Maine. Don’t you know it was less than five miles from my house!

I was blessed to attend the Wednesday night Jesus Watch with these few loving souls for about a year, learning about the teachings and decreeing all the while. Then cycles turned, I moved several hours further north, the leader of the group passed on and there was no more study group. Eventually in 1992 I was able to attend my first conference in the Heart of the Inner Retreat. It was wonderful to meet so many people like me, to share the joy of the Teachings, to walk that sacred land. Still, I returned to Maine and practiced on my own. I longed to be able to share the Teachings with others but most people were not interested and I stopped trying unless they expressed an interest.

El MoryaOne day in 2002 I was reading Heart to Heart magazine and read an article about a new outreach effort initiated by Mariana Mendoza called Project Reach Out. There was a picture of El Morya on the page and I felt like he tapped me on the shoulder and said “You can do this for me!” The rest is history.

I got in touch with Mariana and soon was writing letters, talking with interested souls on the phone or by email. I met a couple of ladies right here in the State of Maine who became Keepers of the Flame and traveled to Washington DC with me to a Summit University workshop on the Violet Flame.

Another lady, also from Maine, contacted me after she attended a conference, heard about PRO, and realized that was how I had come to contact her by letter before she went to the conference. She and her friend came to my house regularly for over a year. We listened to lectures, did some decrees together, and watched the entire Angels video series. It was absolutely wonderful to have a small group here with me, and all because of PRO.

This year I was able to meet three separate inquirers who journeyed to “Seize the Torch!” summer conference. Working with PRO has been a tremendous blessing in my life and an opportunity to be of service.

It has become obvious to me that I was able to find this path because there were so many others praying for me, decreeing for me to be cut free, saving me from getting stuck in some of the places I was before I picked up that first most wonderful book in B. Dalton’s: Climb the Highest Mountain. And I remember so clearly the excitement that I felt, the confirmation that “this is it, what I have been searching for for so long!”

And now, so many years later, I thrill to hear others say those same words to me. I am so privileged, honored and blessed to be a part of this activity, to feel the Masters and Angels guiding my footsteps, and to be able to give a helping hand to others who are waking up! Praise be to God!

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