Easter Conference in South Africa

By Preemela Wentzel

Premeela, South Africa TCThe Johannesburg Teaching Center in South Africa has been abundantly blessed. We have been able to achieve important milestones these past three years. In 2012 we held our very first Summit University which was a resounding success. In 2013 we graduated from a Study Group to a Teaching Center and now in 2014 we have held our first ever Conference.

From the time we decided to have Conferences twice a year to the time that it was to be implemented at Easter, there was a rolling momentum, everything fell into place, and even the amount of people we envisaged would attend bore fruition.

Easter Friday and Easter Monday was utilized as Vigil Days. The Friday was dedicated to the Community and the success of the Conference to be held over Saturday and Sunday. The Monday Vigil was held for the forthcoming Elections in South Africa. Both were well attended and blazing!

These Vigils formed a very important part of holding the balance and the binding of the backlash and the forces whose purpose it is to disrupt as much as possible. Having those strategies of Light to counteract those strategies of darkness, certainly contributed in great measure to the success of our Conference and for keeping the harmony at all times to a fruitful outcome.

The first day of the Conference, Saturday, dawned bright and beautiful and manning the registration desk, it felt so good to be the first point of contact for people entering the Conference event, they could be endowed with the blazing warmth of the fires of my heart in welcoming them as a precursor to the welcoming of the presenter and the Masters and the blessed teachings!

Starting off that Conference with the giving of the Michael’s Rosary that day with so many like-minded people, all working towards a common goal, took on a new hue and tone and outcome – it was just so special! We were all linked in this wonderful filigree pattern of Light! A mandala extraordinary! The decrees that followed strengthened this and set the tone for the teachings that were to follow. It was so blessed – I could feel the massive amount of work being done.

It was so gratifying to see all those eager faces just waiting for the teachings that were to follow. Our presenter, James, set such a beautiful spiraling pattern of the teachings – it was so profound! What a wealth of important keys and information were garnered in this precious Conference. The concepts, ideas, gems and wisdom proffered were so astounding and led up to a beautiful finish in the dictation and culminated in the imbibing of the body and blood of Beloved Jesus in the Holy Communion at the end of the day.

Everybody played a role in making the Conference a great success and wherever the need was, the need was filled with Christly aplomb by the chelas, with love and warmth and to the best of their ability. They had pledged to serve and serve they did! Both the physical and the spiritual needs of the attendees were taken care of – in joy and humility!

The next day, Sunday, saw a similar expansion of fire and the fervor of hearts imbued with the unique message of the Conference – carried like an arrow of illumination, truth and love straight to its mark. It carried such warmth of purpose and joy! It was over too soon! It was tremendous – a Mighty Victory! – For the Brotherhood, the Community, Johannesburg, South Africa, the World!

Our first ever Conference was a crescendo of sound, an explosion of Light and an implosion of the self! We look forward to holding many more!

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  1. That is so inspiring! Thanks for comminucating the report and to the South African chelas for blazing the light in yor part of the mandala.
    Many blessings to you all.