Testimony of Jesus Christ

By Meela Govender

Easter 2014, South Africa

During April in 2014, over the blessed Easter Week end, the 18-21st of April, the Johannesburg Teaching Center held our first Easter Conference in South Africa.

The day dawned bright and sunny, even though we were well into the autumn season. Clearly, the Elemental beings from Virgo and Pelleur, Neptune and Luara, Aries and Thor and Oromasis and Diana’s Kingdoms were as eager as ourselves to kindle resurrections fire in South Africa as we meditated upon the significance of Jesus example to us and to the world.

The event was well supported by our Community members and I felt the kindred sense of brotherhood grow as we bonded and spent four days together in similar mission-to raise up the light in the people of South Africa even as the forthcoming elections and uncertainty loomed.

Our Focus was on the initiation of the resurrection, and the understanding that all of us needed to undergo this initiation in order to achieve our own personal Christhood.

We started the first day of the conference by the giving of Archangel Michael’s rosary to clear the way and set the matrix and the force field for a victorious Conference.

Opening wide the doors of our hearts to the Holy Spirit, we studied our beloved Jesus’ life mission, listened to our own Guru Ma and beloved James Piek deliver His word and His teaching, encouraging us to attain our own victory in the imitation of the Christ and the putting on of the mantle of our own Christhood.

Meditating on the fullness of resurrection’s glory over Easter together with Brothers and Sisters of similar mind and of the light, resulted in a more profound recognition of the Inner Christ in ourselves and others.

Our beloved Mark said –

“…it is a sign of hope in Christ my Saviour and in the God Presence with me. Yet I know that I must do my part. And you must do your part.

“And as we play our parts we discover a mutual dependence as members of Christ’s Body here on earth.

“When reaching for the Most High God and the hand of your Elder Brother, remember that Hope joins hands with Constancy and that Effort will bear fruit!”

As we studied the hidden mysteries of Jesus, we realised that we needed to remain constant in the application of the Law and teachings of Jesus in the weeks and months to come as we worked on our own individual and our Community’s mission.

The retreat started off with a decree vigil for the success of the conference and the protection of the Community and Light bearers in South Africa.

These decree sessions, the meditations and the giving of mantras during the conference allowed the energies of our hearts to reach out and blend with the Sun rays of Helios and Vesta, the Father-Mother who keep resurrection’s flame in the sun centre of our solar system.

As the days progressed in the company of angels and elementals with prayer and heartfelt communion with Jesus, Mother Mary and John the Beloved, we felt the activation of resurrection’s fires in our souls.

We ended with a decree vigil as we prayed for God Will to manifest a peaceful and fair South African election process for 2014.

We left confidant with the knowledge that by God’s grace, the matrix and the pattern was set for many more victorious conferences to be held in our land, which housed the Mother Light as the base of the spine chakra for the African Continent.

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