Boundless Gratitude

By Rosalinda Siciliano

Rosalinda SicilianoLong ago in my teens, I began to ask questions of why I was here. I mused there must be more to life than “What’s for dinner?” Being from Philadelphia, food delis and making delectable food choices were paramount to my friends and family. I felt bored and somewhat lost.

I asked my parish priest to explain the Trinity to me and he told me ‘It is a mystery, just accept it with faith.’ I kept wondering and silently asking for more purpose. I had a tiny altar with Mother Mary in my bedroom. I liked to retreat there.

As a young adult, just before marriage, someone gave me a book from the Stelle Group located in the mid-west. Although I did not know any terms yet such as ‘cosmic’ the book peaked my interest because it spoke of other worldly beings.

Still on my search, I moved to Phoenix and enrolled in all kinds of classes including a psychic phenomenon class at Phoenix College. The teacher reminded me of a circus ringleader – he presented plenty of intriguing metaphysical subjects and past life proofs. Following kriya yoga, astrology and any other classes I could find, I stumbled upon the book in a vegetarian lunch shop that would change my life.

Rushing home to read Studies of the Human Aura by Kuthumi, I was thrilled to hear that “the past is prologue” and that I have a Mighty I Am Presence, a very personal God Presence. The teachings in this book were the great gift of the ages to me. My first decree to strengthen one’s aura was the I AM Light decree by Kuthumi. I wanted to share and shout out these teachings from the highest mountain.

That was 35 years ago and metaphysical subjects were not as widely accepted as now. So friends and family gave me the cold shoulder. The one exception was my sister, who visited me and attended a Jesus Watch service with me. She went directly to Pallas Athena’s Summit University quarter.

My tastes changed after finding Kuthumi’s book and life has been an adventure with the teachings by my side. I am grateful to the Ascended Masters, Guru Ma and Lanello for promoting the Great White Brotherhood’s work. Studies of the Human Aura are timeless teachings, great for inquirers because it gives them a reason to decree and can prepare one to go to a future step of becoming a prayer warrior. God’s blessings to all who read this and share Kuthumi’s work.

I would also like to invite you to our community teaching center in Phoenix. We have a beautiful new center in the heart of Phoenix. Come for a visit, hike, swim, bask in the sun and come to meet the many inquirers who are here. Share your story with them and partake of our gourmet lunches. Yes, there is a lot more to life than “What’s for dinner?”!

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  1. Thanks Rosalinda, this account encourages me to get my copy off the shelf and continue reading it. As with many of my books from TSL on my shelf many of the pages have yet to be read by me. :-)

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