Ruby Ray in Syria

By Roman Abramov

In September 2013, when a U.S. military operation in Syria was still planned, which could lead to a great war in the Middle East. While in St. Petersburg, Russia, I was led to go hold a 1.5-hour decree session in Syrian territory in the Golan Heights region, temporarily occupied by Israel. The session consisted of 20 minutes of Astrea, 10 minutes of Surya and one hour of Ruby Ray invocations with the Messenger.

Syria, Ruby Ray sessionIn early September 2013, I was on vacation in Israel. In CNN the topic of upcoming strikes on Syria by NATO troops was actively discussed, and I thought it would be a good idea to hold a session of the Ruby decrees as close as possible to the scene. Anyway, I was going to visit Galilee and Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee), and the eastern shore of the lake is Syria’s Golan Heights. Besides, accidentally I had with me the booklet of Invocations to the Hierarchy of the Ruby Ray in English, and in my player – Ruby decrees with Mother. So I did.

On September 7, I went out of Jerusalem, visited Nazareth and Yardenit – pilgrim centers on the Jordan River – and drove around the Sea of Galilee. On the eastern shore, I turned into a side road leading to the Golan. A winding road went uphill and then the asphalt ended. Around me there were only dry bushes and orange groves.

I drove past the red sign with text in Hebrew: whether “Do not go on the tomatoes,” or “Stop! Shooting without warning!” I didn’t know – no one to ask. It was a little scary. After about a kilometer I stopped.

Before leaving I had no time to look for information about admission regime in the occupied territories etc., but I assumed that the maximum that can be done to me as tourist by police or military, is to detain me for some time and interrogate. However (this is funny to remember now), when I started to give Astreas, I left the car with the air conditioner, went out in the hot air and went from the car for 15 meters to shade of an orange tree. I was thinking I would have a better chance of surviving if the car were hit by a rocket launched from a drone or a rocket launcher. After Astreas, I calmed down and gave the rest of the decrees in the car… it was already when dark I got back to the hotel in Jerusalem after driving through the Arab territories and Jericho.

Returning to Russia, I learned that the crisis is more or less resolved, and NATO’s attack on Syria would not happen. Of course, a lot of people around the world prayed for the situation in Syria, but I thank God that I was in the right place at the right time and contributed to the common cause. It was a lovely experience.

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