Heart, Head and Hand Decrees

By Kathleen Wilkins

Kathleen WilkinsOf all the things I’m most grateful for, it is the mystical understanding of Jesus Christ that came through the Summit Lighthouse. In the church where I grew up, we were taught we were sinners, and Jesus was the only perfect person.

Understanding Jesus as my elder brother who came to show what each person can do when merged with their own Christ, changed how I felt. But though I mentally accepted the idea that Christ was my real self, I was still too critical of myself to believe it deeply. It was easier to think of him floating above my head in the chart of the I AM Presence than superimposed over my form. Perfection needed to be kept at arm’s length.

When I was first introduced to the Heart, Head and Hand decree many years ago, I used to only do the short tube of light and skip the other verses because they didn’t mean much to me.

After years of studying the Teachings and decreeing, I developed a deep belief and understanding that my real self was Christ, despite my human weaknesses. The human self doesn’t transform itself and become Divine. The “engrafting of the Word” over the human consciousness makes it Divine. I took up the Heart, Head, and Hand decree again, and, this time, it was alive with meaning. Instead of skipping over the phrases, I recited each one, and visualized it happening in my mind’s eye.

In the first verse the violet flame bursts in the heart chakra. Next the head. When I do “I AM the hand of God in action, gaining victory every day…” I stretch my hand out and visualize white light scintillating from my palm, transforming difficult situations into victorious outcomes.

My favorite verse is the one about changing my garments “old ones for the bright new day.” It’s fun to think of jealousy, irritation or pride as old dirty t-shirts, easy to get rid of as taking them off. My seamless garment is a real knock out. Among the scintillating white light rays purifying me are flecks of brilliant blue light protecting me, and green shimmering sequins healing me.

For the next verse, I stand in front of a full length mirror to visualize the resurrection flame as a white spiraling light beginning under my feet and enveloping my form.

At the end, I’m levitating off the floor with outstretched arms as my Christ Self descends from above, and the radiant face of Christ replaces my human face.

Doing the decree this way has been a transforming experience. I feel partially ascended after it’s over.

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