Retreat of the Divine Mother – Mexico

Manzanillo, Mexico – May 2014
By Rev. Neroli Duffy

Candlelight Service - Mexico 2014

Mexico 2014, Retreat of the Divine MotherMother’s Day Weekend seemed an appropriate time to celebrate a three-day spiritual retreat, Return to the Culture of the Divine Mother: A Retreat in Her Immaculate Heart in Mexico. There were profound teachings from the messengers and the ascended masters on the flame and culture of the Divine Mother from ancient Lemuria to the present day and our role in the golden age that is to come.

The event took placed at the Las Hadas Resort, Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico over Mother’s Day weekend, May 9-11, 2014. 160 people attended from all over Mexico. Three ministers presented the retreat: Juanita de los Santos, who is regional minister for Mexico, Peter (my husband) and myself. The Keepers of the Flame of Guadalajara sponsored the event and obtained an excellent daily rate for our group, which included accommodation, meals, tips, Internet access and use of the resort facilities. The program was presented in English with simultaneous translation into Spanish.

Las Hadas MexicoThe resort was a truly ascended master standard facility. Las Hadas means “The Fairies,” and it is truly a stunning resort in a beautiful location. Las Hadas Resort was built by a man who had a dream in which he went to a city in the center of the earth with magnificent buildings, towers, domes and gardens. One of the inhabitants of this city told him to build a replica of this city on the surface of the earth. Las Hadas is the manifestation of that dream. Every room in the resort is decorated in white from floor to ceiling and the magical buildings overlook the transparent blue water of the Pacific and the soft golden sand of the beach. Our conference room was on the third floor overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

The location, the subject of the retreat, the loving hearts of the chelas of Mexico and the teachings presented provided a chalice for the best possible experience in the flame of the Divine Mother. With time to pray, meditate and commune with the Divine Mother in a glorious setting. It was a truly transcendent time for all, complete with a candle light procession reminiscent of the Priests and Priestesses of Lemuria, three weddings as well as baptisms and communicant initiations.

Mexico 2014, Retreat of the Divine Mother

Gratitude to the Keepers of the Flame in Mexico who made this event possible. Let’s bring on the golden age in Mexico!

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