Busy Days for the Chananda Cultural Society

By Jaspal Soni

Saturday, May 17 was a busy day for the Chananda Cultural Society. We held a full-day workshop from 10:00 am-5:00 pm, ‘Violet Flame Can Heal Body, Mind and Soul’ in a hotel in New Delhi. This was our experiment at a newer venue located close to the ashram while using different types of advertisement methods. We sent text messages to the people in the area and inviting them to attend. Texting is a common means to advertise and promote products in India. We also had placed a full–page ad in the local monthly magazine called, Yellow Pages, which has a circulation of about 10,000 in our section of the city. Ten people came to our workshop including six new people.


We set up an altar in the room with a statue of Krishna in the middle and pictures of Guru Ma and Mark. The energies in the room were charged and the presence of the masters and angels was tangible. We shared the teachings on the chart of the I AM Presence, the violet flame, the science of the spoken word and did a few blue flame and violet flame decrees. We played a few of Mother’s YouTube clips introducing Saint Germain, the chart, and leading violet flame decrees. The highlight of the workshop was 30 minutes of audio chakras meditation given by Archangel Gabriel through Mother. People enjoyed the discussion and asked many interactive questions.

India-Corridor-June-2014-altarOne lady who came from a nearby town with her friend invited us to repeat the violet flame workshop and other workshops on seven rays to her group of friends at her venue during the fall.

Before closing the workshop, we invited everyone to come to the ashram next day for our weekly Sunday evening meeting. Several old members including three new people from the previous day joined us. We presented teachings on the five secret rays/five Dhyani Buddhas and concluded the evening by playing a segment of Wesak 1989 video dictation from beloved Gautama Buddha preceded by the beautiful meditational song, “Hail Gautama Buddha.” The energy was very high throughout the evening. Because of the interest in the group, we finished the workshop about 45 minutes late at 7:45 pm. Many people stayed until much later.

Next Sunday will be our last study group meeting as I will be leaving for the US soon afterwards. We plan to decree together and discuss the plans for continuing weekly decree sessions at the ashram on Sunday afternoons in my absence. Please keep the ashram in your prayers.

Note. The Chananda Cultural Society is pleased to announce the publication of the first issue of our quarterly newsletter, The Violet Flame Voice designed especially for the seekers of Truth in India and the world. Wherever you are in the world, you would enjoy the teachings, pictures, events, testimonials and other exciting news included therein. We thank our brothers and sisters everywhere for their loving support and encouragement for the ongoing victories of Light in India. It comes with our warmest regards and gratitude to the ascended masters for their gift of the violet agni and the teachings. We will be happy to send you a copy of the newsletter by contacting us at chananda55@aol.com or chananda144@gmail.com.

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