Just Back from Colombia

By Norman Millman and Natalia Zabala

Natalia and I would like to sincerely thank all who supported our participation at the Bogota International Book Fair, our sales and marketing work in Medellin with the nation’s two largest book chains, independent and esoteric book stores as well as our meetings with new seekers, members and the Knights and Ladies of the Flame at the Medellin Study Group and Norman’s conducting of the Sunday, Mother’s Day Service also at the Medellin Study Group.

Bogota International Book fair

During the three days of the Bogota International Book Fair we conducted ten meetings – eight at the fair and two at publisher’s business offices in Bogota. We can say that nine of the ten publishers that we met with were very interested in publishing a variety of Summit University Press Español books – and the door is open regarding the tenth. One of our meetings was with Colombia’s largest eBook distributor and his contract will soon be sent to us for the sale and distribution of all of our English and Spanish eBooks.

In the field of Spirituality, ‘Angels’ has been a popular topic in Colombia and today it is stronger than ever. In fact, one of the most popular and successful books that we saw, both at the fair and in all the bookstores we visited, was a book about working with angels within the family.

Bogota International Book fairIt will take between one and three months for the publishers to read and go through their review processes regarding the titles that they expressed interest in. We welcome any ongoing prayer support for these publishers and their reviews and for the will of God to be done regarding the decisions that they will make. We also welcome prayers for the God direction of the sales and distribution strategies for Summit University Press Español books throughout South America and all Spanish speaking markets worldwide. And finally prayers that the teachings of the ascended masters are widely accessible in South America in preparation for, and in support of, the incoming Seventh Root Race.

Occasionally at book fairs we meet with souls who, from our perspective, are working for the Brotherhood and know it not. And sometimes these souls need an understanding that only the master’s teachings can provide. We feel that we met with such a person at the Fair. This person is positioned to greatly advance the dissemination of the Brotherhood’s teachings throughout the country of Colombia – may God work His perfect Work.

The presentation to new seekers and the meetings and focus groups that we held with members and KLF were invaluable in strengthening already strong relationships as well as helping us to understand the materials our Hispanic brothers and sisters require to fulfill their mission for Saint Germain. About 90 people attended the Mother’s Day Service at the Medellin Study Group and as people left the Chapel Rev. Lenore Meneses and Norman handed each person a Spanish wallet card with Mother’s picture on it and a beautiful fresh Colombian rose for Mother’s Day.

With great gratitude for the opportunity to serve.

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