Spa Day for Keepers

By Joanna Parlier

One of the things that some Keepers in North Carolina like to do, in order to help keep themselves fit, is to get together for an occasional spa day. We are blessed with several members who are deeply into natural methods of healing and who enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience with others.

After a morning service or decree service, we usually have a pot luck of delicious healthy food and sharing of the master’s teachings. Early on we sometimes had a foot detox after a meeting when one of our members, Carolyn Walker, the leader of the Charlotte Study Group, purchased a foot detox machine. Carolyn is also enrolled in classes teaching Holistic Health through The American Institute of Holistic Theology. This is what got us started.

I already owned a Rife (frequency machine), swing machine, lumen light, foot massager, a detoxer, and several other deep massagers so we just started putting our equipment together. We have also given ourselves facials and oxygen and jacuzzi baths!

NC spa daySeveral members had other skills to share. Camp and Carolyn Walker also have a water oxygenator and Carolyn candles ears as well as doing the foot detoxing. Here is the picture of Ellen Ray and Camp Walker giving Bart Bullock a back massage.

NC light column on spa dayWe have had some high spiritual experiences on the days we get together. This picture of a beam of light was taken by Carolyn in the living room of my home during one of our spa days.

We always look forward to our times together. Carolyn is also doing an outreach once a month in her home in Charlotte. Over the years they have learned about Relaxation and Stress Management, Clearing Clutter with Feng Shui, and Inner Child work to name a few. This year the focus is on Health and Nutrition, Anger Management, and studying the Lives of the Saints. This group will be having a spa day in the fall.

Having a Spa Day is one of my favorite things to do and a great way to invite friends in to learn about the teachings of the ascended masters while also having a wonderful experience in learning, sharing, and coming together.

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  1. Oh, Joanna,
    I also wanted to know if anyone was standing or sitting near the ‘landing’ of that spiral of light in the above picture?
    That reminds me of the picture TSL once sold showing the “ascension spiral” (as Mother told us) around Alice Bosco as she stood with three other friends, an older woman keeper and a young KOF couple.

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