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If the mountain won’t come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain.

This common saying refers to the time when Muhammad went up Mt. Hera where Archangel Gabriel spoke to him, making him the prophet of Islam. However, this epitomizes the approach that our outreach efforts must take to reach the masses.
Banner at Minneapolis Women's Expo
It takes a lot of effort to put a lecture or workshop together in our Study Groups and Teaching Centers. However, there is a barrier that has to be overcome for people to attend these events. Unfortunately, a lot of work is put into these presentations that commonly result in just a handful of new seekers.

Some years ago in the Kansas City Study Group, we took a new approach. We noticed that in spite of the advertisement and decree efforts, only a few new people would show up to our events. So we sought a different approach. We found that there was a semi-annual Health Fair that took place at a local college where many people attended. So we reserved a table, brought our books, a laptop with lectures with Mother, a big Chart of the Presence that we set in an easel, and we started participating in these events. The results were fantastic—we gave out hundreds of Charts of the Presence, talked to hundreds of people, sold many books, and even delivered lectures on topics that ranged from the power of the Word, to healing, to plants, etc.

The coil of joy that was released from such an effort was very tangible. In spite of being tired from being at these health fairs for hours, the joy from witnessing the reaction from our lost brothers and sisters finally touching the hem of the garment still gives me chills. It was amazing to notice the reaction that people had when they first saw the Chart of the I AM Presence. Some people came close to tears just from beholding such an image that they recognized at the soul level.

In the Minneapolis/St. Paul Teaching Center many of our members were able to do something similar with great results. On February 15th and 16th of this year, the TC set up a table at the Minneapolis Women’s Expo.

Our table had the Chart of the I AM Presence, the violet flame, and books including Nurturing Your Baby’s Soul, Mary Magdalene and the Divine Feminine, the DVD of Jesus Lost Teachings on Woman, a number of Marilyn Barrick books, and Twin Flames and Soul Mates – to name a few. There was also a focus on the violet flame and angels, and the Sacred Adventure (now available as The Spiritual Quest) workbooks that we are using for our 7-lesson workshops (www.tslmn.info).

Mpls violet flame selfieWe also had a large poster of the I AM Presence in the booth, as well as a violet flame booth in one corner where people could stand and take a pictures of themselves (selfies), so they could have an image of themselves in the violet flame. We also had the seven major chakras on a pole for people to hold in front of them while standing in the violet flame booth. Now they have photos of themselves surrounded by violet flame, and with pure chakras! And the photos are on their smart phones for ease of viewing and showing others!

Mpls violet flame chakras selfieThis was truly a community event where many people from our TC came together to bring their gifts to the table and make this a great success. We gave away “I AM Presence” wallet-size cards and chakra bookmarks, as well as a number of books. The basic qualifications for receiving a free book were that they show interest in the Teachings by asking good questions or that they sign up for the Sacred Adventure workshop that started in March. Some of the Victories that were claimed for the Masters include:

  • 20 new contacts/inquirers!
  • New people signing up for the Sacred Adventure workshop!
  • Giving away many free books and many more chakra bookmarks and Chart of I AM Presence wallet cards – so hundreds of more people have now seen the Chart of the I AM Presence, as well the pure image of chakras, and have heard of the Teachings in general, and the violet flame in particular.
  • Many people now having photos on their smart phones of them in the violet flame!
  • We also received request to speak at a New Age group in Wisconsin and we got invited to participate in a radio program to talk more about the teachings.
  • A woman with a chronically ill daughter now has teachings on healing angels and decrees to help her.

In summary, if the mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must come to the mountain. We invite other Study Groups and Teaching Centers to seek out opportunities like this to share the great gift of the Teachings of the Ascended Masters.
Always Victory!

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