By Sarah Rowe
It’s an exciting time at the Inner Retreat these days as we welcome more and more new interns to the office building! The TSL Internship Program began roughly a year ago and since that time we’ve hosted seven interns who have all contributed an enormous amount to the mission of The Summit Lighthouse. Today the office of Volunteers In Action with the support of the Family and Youth Team is working hard to grow the program and get the word out!

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “internship” at one point or another in your life. But can you imagine what an “Ascended Master Internship” might be like? What an exciting concept! The TSL Internship Program takes ascended master qualities and combines them with strong business practices and ethics to form a program where interns can grow and learn professionally and spiritually. The program is built upon the concept of a figure-eight flow existing between the intern and the organization: the intern gives their gifts and time to help the organization while the organization gives back professional skills and opportunity to the intern. It is an ever-flowing, ever-growing process where interns and managers are at once both the teacher and the student. Interns live on the Ranch and have a meditative yet exciting lifestyle where services, outdoor recreation and community time combine to form a wonderful experience on their walk with the Masters.

I have had the pleasure of helping to support this program in my work as Youth Coordinator. It’s a true blessing to see the skills and perspectives these young people bring to the organization and the learning they walk away with. It’s an example of community, caring and love-in-action in the context of professional growth. I’ve watched as departments such as Information Technology, Outreach, Web, the Business Office and Production have benefited from the skills and upbeat, relevant perspectives their interns have brought. I’ve also witnessed many of these interns going on to get excellent jobs in their fields (some with TSL!). We remain grateful to the Messengers and Masters for their continued guidance for the organization and programs such as this. When I look to the future, I see it filled with the inspiration and contributions of interns to this organization and am very grateful for it.

We do have internships available starting in March in the following departments: Information Technology, Publishing, Summit University, Finance, and Family and Youth. If you know of any teens, young adults or career changers who would be interested in applying, please have them email
Current Internships being occupied: Come join them!

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