From the India Corridor

By Jaspal Soni
Yesterday was Sunday, March 16 and first of our weekly series of workshop on seven rays at the ashram from 5:00-7:00 pm. We gave the introductory teachings on the chart, science of the spoken Word and violet flame and closed with 10-minute dictation excerpt from Shiva from October 1991, ‘The Power of Change.” Twenty five people came—most of them came from the two violet flame workshops we had conducted recently. The rest came from the contacts we had made at the World Book Fair and the Life Positive Expo last month. People were very excited and want to continue attending the remaining workshops thru May 11.

Today is Holi festival (the color festival) and a joyful event that correlates colors of our Causal Bodies with the physical colors. They throw colors at each other and anoint their friends to celebrate beginning of a new spring season. There are stories of Krishna celebrating Holi with Radha and other gopies (souls).

We talked about joining Saint Germain’s KOF Fraternity and doing decrees every Saturday from 4:30-6:30 pm at the ashram. Several of them said they would want to join KOF Fraternity and do decrees.

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