Santo Domingo: Develop the Pure Heart Seminar

By Deisy De los Santos
In the city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic we held the twelfth version of Summit University – on this occasion focused on the teachings of The Path of the Bodhisattva on how to develop a pure heart.

This event had a special meaning for our study group as we have completed our first round of our cosmic clock with seminars of this nature. We received deep and extensive explanations on the Path of the Bodhisattva using the cosmic clock as a spiritual tool. We were enriched with the dictations of Beloved Vajrasattva, Paul the Venetian, Maha Chohan and Mighty Cosmos.

The seminar was nourished with numerous lectures that attracted great interest and introspection among the participants. From those we can highlight the lessons on how to develop a pure heart, “The Starry Body of Man: A Talisman for the Secret Rays,” Wagner´s Parsifal Act 1 explained as an analogy of the path of the bodhisattva.

At this event we had the presence of 50 attendees who came from different cities, such as Santo Domingo and Puerto Plata. Also we had international participants from Puerto Rico and Costa Rica.

The last day we had a powerful purifying session that was culminated with the blessing of the third eye chakra with spikenard oil given by our regional minister Reverend Zaida Gonzalez.

With this wonderful spiritual experience, the bonds of fellowship were renewed among the members of the community and were strengthened in our promise to the Ascended Masters to continue expanding the teachings in our region.

This picture shows the framed cover of the student workbooks of our twelve SU seminars surrounded the picture containing our Mission, Vision and Values.

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