Australian Summit University 2014

By Neroli Duffy


“The Torch is Passed” Summit University at Jindabyne, New South Wales in Australia was a very successful event. Many consider it was the best ever and it was the first SU that had ever been presented so close to the nation’s capital city Canberra which was two hours away. Thirty six people drove and flew in from all over Australia and many seemed to have a transcendent experience and acceleration to their personal spiritual path during this 6 day retreat. Another first was that the Australian Regional Ministers Neroli and Peter Duffy trained several additional Australian Teaching Assistants who did a fine job. Their presence and support made the seven day event a lot easier for Peter and Neroli and all were well received by their fellow Australians. This gave everyone a sense of rising up to a new level with a new level of professionalism for their nation in conducting an SU on Australian soil.

The South Pacific Region subcommittee did an excellent job of coordinating the event at the beautiful facilities at the Adventist Alpine Village Retreat located in a lovely bushland mountain setting. Our group had the entire campus to ourselves and we could decree as loudly as we liked and no one minded. Although it was a long distance for many to travel to such a remote location and a goodly amount of opposition was experienced by most, all present felt it was well worth the effort.


The focus of the SU on outreach and growing the study groups was a key for many. During the final days we asked attendees to practice giving a portion of the stump message to small groups of 3-5 fellow students. Walking around the campus watching groups of people deliver their five minutes speeches was a thrill for Neroli—it felt as if the day of Pentecost had arrived and everyone was preaching in his own tongue. There were quite some Holy Spirit deliveries taking place around every corner! Many said that it was much appreciated breakthrough for them and quite transformative, as one by one people realized, “yes I can stand up and deliver the teachings!” In another exercise we had people practice giving out wallet cards of the Chart of Your Divine Self which was a lot of fun. One evening we conducted a decree leading workshop which was very popular—we were able to identify several new potential decree leaders and helped others to problem solve by practical demonstrations as they decreed together.


As a bonus, we had a wonderful experience with elemental life who responded in some unique ways. Kangaroos, cows, horses, ducks, wombats, bell birds, pink and grey galahs, blue birds, cockatoos, crows and other wildlife were all over the property. But for the first two days, the noisy black crows would start squawking during the dictations right outside the floor to ceiling glass windows in the chapel. This created quite a disturbance. But on the second day, during the dictation by the ascended master El Morya, the master asked someone to leave the room during the dictation as they were falling asleep and disrupting the dictation. Morya warned them to stay awake and finally, when he said, “Please leave the room!” at the master’s command, the crows flew away and did not return! Then an amazing thing happened. By end of the dictation there was a large group of kangaroos including a little baby joey in its mother’s pouch, who gathered where the crows had been. Then the kangaroos came every day to the grassy area outside the chapel joined by a group of ducks, and were peacefully present quietly eating the grass during the dictations for the remaining five days. Then on the last day immediately following the clearance, a huge sword appeared in a cloud formation in the sky with its tip pointing towards the capital city. We all felt blessed!


Much networking took place between the groups of students with plans for outreach and promises to stay even more connected. A donation of large canvas altar focuses was presented to the Perth Study Group. This Western Australian study group is planning on becoming a chartered group by the grace of God and is seeking to rent a new place to hold their meetings. Truly it feels like a renewal and a new beginning for our nation.


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