Outreach Events in New Delhi

Santo Domingo

January and February 2014 were busy months for the Chananda Cultural Society in preparing for the upcoming outreach events in New Delhi. By the grace of God, last year’s outreach ventures helped us to build a strong core group of the ascended masters’ chelas in New Delhi. Last year, we also had hosted our first SU “Experience the Light Within” which was nicely attended.  Our study group now has 15 Keepers of the Flame from last year’s efforts and we are praying for many more to join us this year to hold the balance of light in the land of Mother.

This year, we participated in two outreach events in New Delhi during the month of February: (1) The annual World Book Fair from February 15-23 and (2) the annual new age Life Positive Expo from February 21-23. On both venues, we set up our booths and sold Summit University Press (SUP) books, decree CDs, wallet-size cards and distributed promotional material. We also gave three PowerPoint presentations at both venues which may people attended and asked questions

We sold many copies of two books, (1) Violet Flame to Heal Body, Mind and Soul; and (2) Your Seven Spiritual Centers, which were recently printed by a local publisher. Many people stopped by our booths and expressed interest in the teachings. It was gratifying to witness how God had so quickly raised our study group team in New Delhi in short span of two years and continues to do so!

Four members of the study group helped us every day in tending the booths from 10:00 am until 8:00 pm and talking enthusiastically to people. We had met all the study group members at the same venues last year as seekers. It was humbling to watch them as they were standing behind the booth talking to the newcomers – explaining the teachings on the chart of the I AM Presence and violet flame.

Many people have signed up for the two upcoming violet flame workshops, which we will be conducting on March 1 and March 8 in New Delhi. We will follow these workshops with weekly workshops on the seven rays at the ashram beginning in mid-May through mid-May. The graduates of these workshops will be the candidates to join Saint Germain’s Fraternity and become Keepers of the Flame. People have invited us to give violet flame workshops in nearby town of Gurgaon about 20 miles south of Delhi.

Thank you for your prayers. Hear O Universe, we are grateful!

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