Open Your Heart

Open Your Heart

The following is an excerpt from Lanello's Christmas Eve 1996 address, In the Sanctuary of the Soul published in the 1997 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 40 No. 52.

Now, beloved, I would commune with your hearts. Open your hearts to me and I will give you the elixir of my heart. Do not be afraid. I shall give you of my heart even as I gave you of my heart when I was with you in embodiment. I never closed my heart to you. Do not close your heart to yourself or to those nearest you.

Open your heart this day with courage. Open your heart. Let the heart be wounded. Is not the mother’s heart wounded, even the Mother of Christ? Let the heart be wounded. Let it know pain. And continue to go deeper and deeper and deeper in the well of your own being.

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Do not be afraid, beloved, for the love that you give will be multiplied as you bless the world. I opened my heart, beloved, and I kept it open. Though it may pain you, I say, open your heart and give of yourself to others who need you, who need all that you can give to them. For they are impoverished, they are burdened.

I did not fear this, for I knew that the opening of the heart and the giving of the heart is truly an event that comes when one is nearer and nearer to the heart of Jesus, the heart of Mary. Understand this. Let God make you in his image and likeness, which you were in the Beginning. Let him remold you and remake you in the Ending.

Have you truly found the way to re-create yourself? Not really, beloved, not really in the profoundest sense. Yet the way is plain. Give and give again and again, and let millions of souls be healed by your own immaculate heart.

I AM Lanello. I have been with you through the ages. You have been my fathers, my mothers, my children. We have been as one. Now go forth to a world that is very, very dark. Brighten it with the light of your transcendent being and know forever thereafter the transcendent joy of giving yourself wholly unto others who are the impoverished ones and who do not know their Inner Christ.

Smile with me, beloved, for the whole world is maya. I shall smile a greater smile when you exit the world of maya and enter true being.

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