New Member Area Is Ready!

New Member Area Is Ready!

We invite you to visit us today and experience our new Member Area!

new member areaThis new and improved feature of our website is both mobile friendly and provides a better user experience.

The format is easier to read, and inserts and teachings are easier to find.

As you’ll see, we’ve applied current web standards so that all content can now be easily viewed from any device – tablet, desktop or mobile!

We’ve also built a new foundation for Keepers of the Flame benefits, including

  • Inserts Area – get the latest inserts for the year and for conferences
  • Teachings Area – A growing body of Teachings from the ascended masters and the messengers for Keepers
  • Pearls Online – This Members Area feature has a more advanced search engine and gives you first access to the latest Pearls!
  • Broadcast Calendar – Click on the event you wish to attend!

Test drive our new Member Area today. We’d love to have your feedback!








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