The Nativity of Divinity

The Nativity of Divinity

As we celebrate the Nativity, we can glean from this Pearl excerpt from a dictation by Lord Maitreya given in October 1961 and published in the 1984 Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 27 No. 8.

This Word of God, beloved ones, is ever blessed. It is tangible and real, it is intelligent, it is Light! And in it there is no shadow, nor is there a shadow of turning.

I would like to ask some of you who are young in years: Where shall mankind go? The apostles of the Christ said unto him, “Where shall we go? Thou hast the words of eternal Life.” And this is Truth. The words of eternal Life are given to the ascended masters by God.

Individuals have thought that God held all these secrets and all of his powers strictly for himself and the angelic band. Many among mankind have not understood that God giveth gifts to the ascended masters, gifts of hierarchial power whereby they are specifically charged with certain momentums of freedom, of obedience, of love.

This is also true of the elemental kingdom. As you gaze upon the wonders of nature, beloved ones, have you ever stopped to consider that almost every tree and bush has an angelic or elemental being standing guard over it to see that it outpictures the perfect plan of God? Have you ever stopped to realize that just as each individual has a blessed guardian angel, so every manifestation of nature has some specific God-intelligence which watches over that manifestation to see that it comes to fruition and to perfection?

Well, beloved ones, then realize that your Mighty I AM Presence, the great electronic body of God from out the Great Central Sun, came forth in dazzling, blazing light as a duplicate of the magnanimous, ever-expanding light of the Mighty I AM Presence in the very heart of the Great Central Sun and was duplicated for each individual’s own Mighty I AM Presence. And this duplicate, beloved ones, is never separated from the Central Sun itself or from the Presence of God within the Great Central Sun, so that every man, woman, and child’s Mighty I AM Presence is one with everyone else’s own Mighty I AM Presence. This makes of all life one, and there is, then, no diversity whatsoever.

And I am speaking now, beloved ones, concerning inner levels. For when you gaze outwardly, you behold individuals of various stages of development. You see them representing various age groups as far as physical aging processes are concerned. But as you look on the inner, you see no such condition. You see only the perfection of God manifesting at every point in space where there is an individual lifestream. Now that lifestream, when that individual awakens to his own cosmic identity, will find that he is able to shake off the fetters of mortality and to become charged with the power of divinity!

The Bethlehem Star of Your Nativity

Well, when an individual awakens to the power of divinity, an initiate is born on the world scene. The star of Bethlehem appears in the cosmic sky, and the star of that nativity of divinity is manifest to the ascended masters. And immediately when they perceive this, they send forth a special protection to seal that lifestream in the protection from the heart of God coming down through the angelic hierarchy presided over by Archangel Michael.

Do you see, beloved ones, how great cooperation takes place at inner levels—how at inner levels, the levels of the Spirit of Life, perfection and protection ever manifest?

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