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Mystical Paths of the Worlds -Religions

The age of Pisces brought the awareness of God as the Son, revealed to us in the Universal Christ personified in the Christ, Jesus. Jesus came to show us how to walk the path of personal Christhood so that we could realize the Son of God within ourselves. The condition: Love me and keep my commandments.

Jeremiah prophesied the full revelation of the Son of God who should appear in the age of Pisces. He saw the son as “The Lord Our Righteousness.” In the twentieth century Saint Germain unveiled the Son as the personal, or Inner, Christ. We address this Inner Christ as our Beloved “Holy Christ Self.” Knowledge of the Son of God as our True Self, or Higher Self, brings us that much closer to the Lord, I AM THAT I AM.

The dawning age of Aquarius brings us the awareness of God as the Holy Spirit and as the Divine Mother. In this age the Divine Feminine is exalted in male and female as the sacred fire that rises on the altar of our chakras. The condition we must fulfill is self-transcendence through divine love.

Thus, the unfoldment of God’s identity within you and your identification with it is progressive through the cosmic cycles. This unfoldment culminates in your direct experience of God followed by your union with God. This is the goal of all of your past incarnations and the goal of your life today.

We do not leave behind the previous ages but we build upon their foundations. Knowledge of the Ascended Masters’ teachings is no excuse to set aside the Ten Commandments or the teachings of Jesus Christ or the great truths that come down to us through the Vedas and the Upanishads and all of the teachings of the Avatars of the major world religions.

We have this communion with our I AM Presence because we have built, stone upon stone, our pyramid. And now we have come to that age and hour when we ourselves must place the spiritual capstone on our personal pyramid.

Mystical Paths in the World's Major Religions

Through each of the world’s major religions God has revealed to your soul another side, or image, of himself. Your soul is the mirror of God. If you allow your soul to mirror the astral plane or discordant images, then there is no room in the mirror for God. If you polish the mirror of the soul and direct that mirror through attention to God, you will always be able to look in the mirror of your soul and see God. That is the first experience of seeing God face to face. You first see God in the mirror of your soul and then directly when he chooses to appear to you.

When God reveals a new image, or attribute, of himself through a world religion, he also reveals in the mirror of your soul a new image, or attribute, of yourself. When you become one with this new image of God and of yourself, you learn a new way of communing with God. A new image is like a new language, a new mode of expression, as though you suddenly discovered love or discovered truth. A whole new world opens to you. You understand more of God and so you can be more of God. Thereby you learn a new way of attaining union with God.

In each age God has also given us one or more new names whereby we may invoke that image and, by reflection, make it our own. Knowledge of the name of God is empowerment. God has empowered his people through many ages. And by that, we have learned to expand the flowers of our chakras. Each time we invoke God by a new name we access a portion of God’s Self that was previously beyond our reach.

The name of God is the key to his heart, to his mind, to his spirit, and to that state of consciousness we are destined to mirror and to become.

Eight Pathways to God

Each of the world’s major religions provides a mystical path that facilitates our soul-development on a particular ray and a particular chakra. The seven major world religions and the minor eighth come under the dispensation of the seven rays and the seven chakras and the eighth ray and the eighth-ray chakra:

1. Judaism facilitates your soul-development on the first ray of God’s power through the throat chakra.

2. Buddhism facilitates your soul-development on the second ray of God’s wisdom through the crown chakra.

3. Christianity facilitates your soul-development on the third ray of God’s love through the heart chakra.

4. Hinduism facilitates your soul-development on the fourth ray of God’s purity through the base-of-the-spine chakra.

5. Confucianism facilitates your soul-development on the fifth ray of science, healing and truth through the third-eye chakra.

6. Islam facilitates your soul-development on the sixth ray of ministration and service through the solar-plexus chakra.

7. Taoism facilitates your soul-development on the seventh ray of God’s freedom through the seat-of-the-soul chakra.

8. Zoroastrianism facilitates your soul-development on the eighth ray through the secret chamber of the heart.

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