The Mystery of Motherhood

The Mystery of Motherhood

This excerpt on the mystery of motherhood is from Mother Mary's December 15, 1974 Pearl of Wisdom® A Trilogy of the Mother: The Mother Flame and the Incarnation of God, Part 1, Vol. 17 No. 50

Now we approach the advent of the incarnation of the Word. “And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father), full of grace and truth.”

I will always remember the moment of his appearing, when Joseph and I welcomed the child Jesus, and the very first time I held him in my arms, his eyes bright as the stars out of which he descended. And I uttered a prayer unto God: “Blessed be thou, O Lord, Maker of heaven and earth, who hast ordained the coming of thy Self into form for the redemption of mankind, that through the grace and forgiveness of the law all might come to know the true nature of selfhood as this Christed One and that all might be baptized in preparation for the return to the center of thy law in the Holy of Holies.”

Mother Mary - Queen of the AngelsAnd I was aware that in my arms I held the incarnation of God even as I felt myself one with the motherhood of God cradling an infant humanity. For in this child, this gift from God’s own heart, was living proof of that which all mankind might one day become. And I remembered the words of Eve, “I have gotten a man from the Lord.” I thought about the many daughters of Israel who had been waiting with anticipation for the coming of Messias, the one promised who would be the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and the Savior of a mighty people and a mighty nation.

The motherhood of God is an eternal mystery and a sacred privilege given to all who embody on the feminine ray. In this hour of the condemnation of the Christ, the Bethlehem babe, and of child-man aborning in the womb of time and space, I come forth to proclaim the eternal Christ Mass. For I would speak to every mother with child. I would draw you close to my heart and impart to you the mantle–which is indeed the momentum–of my experience as I carried the blessed Lord in my womb.

The glory of my communion with the Holy Ghost, with the light of the Father and of the Son, was indeed for the merging of the energies of the Sacred Trinity and their fusion with the Mother flame that culminates in the Mater-realization of the Word. And so the mystery of motherhood is in the special talent that God has given to the soul of woman to distill the factors of the Holy Trinity and to be the focal point for the meshing of the threads and forcefields of Spirit with the Matter principle.

The incarnation of the Word has indeed been a mystery for many among mankind who have not been able to comprehend how God as a Spirit could come forth in flesh and blood.

Just as “it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God,” so it is sometimes difficult for those whose mental development excels to understand the logic of the mystery of the eternal Spirit igniting the spark of life and meshing with the clay vessel of Matter-form. But for others, their acceptance of this principle of life remains a part of their common acceptance of the wonders and miracles of the Creator wrought not only in the life of Jesus, but also in the lives of the many saints and sages who have walked the earth both before and after his mission.

May I say, then, to those of you who understand the weavings of the threads of the form and the formless, that Spirit and Matter as Father-Mother principle, as the positive and negative polarity of being, commingle in and as the warp and woof of the whole of creation. Be it also known that the Matter which you observe has indeed other facets, other dimensions, and other frequencies which you have not yet experienced.

These are, as it were, the exalted manifestation of the weavings of the Cosmic Virgin outpictured through Omega–even the balancing factor of Spirit in what you have hitherto referred to as the planes of Spirit.

And so, you see, the exaltation of motherhood as the materialization of Spirit occurs in each succeeding level of God Self-awareness all the way back to the great central sun and beyond.

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