Fátima Anniversary – Rosary to Mother Mary

Fátima Anniversary – Rosary to Mother Mary

Mother Mary appeared at Fatima requested a daily RosaryOn May 13, 1917, Mother Mary appeared to three children in Fátima, Portugal, and instructed them to pray the Rosary every day to obtain peace for the world.

In honor of the anniversary of Our Lady's appearance in Fatima, some churches and religious orders are calling for a worldwide perpetual rosary.

In the booklet accompanying the CD, Sanctissiama, A Musical Mass for World Peace, Elizabeth Clare Prophetwrote of her concern regarding the Fatima prophecies.

“The Blessed Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ has appeared to humble hearts countless times in this century.  Mary has consistently warned that dangers and even great calamities lie ahead for mankind. But her messages are not without hope. She has always told her children how they could atone for the sins of the world and thereby mitigate or avert her prophecies.

It is her Fátima message that gives cause for our deepest reflection and concern. Fátima, Portugal, was the site of Mother Mary's first recorded appearance of the 20th century in 1917. The prophecies she gave to three shepherd children were partially confirmed in the turbulent events that followed; and whether they will be completely fulfilled depends on the decisions we make today.

If you would like to participate in this perpetual rosary online, here is a 15 minute A Child's Rosary to Mother Mary: I John 1:1-2:11 (audio with words).

I live with the Fátima prophecy. I live with its message. And I go from door to door and heart to heart knocking, asking for those who will come and pray with me — pray the violet flame or the rosary or the calls to Archangel Michael. But above all, pray. For by thy prayer is the open door extended, and the angels come stepping through the veil to prevent disaster and calamity.”
– Mother Mary, December 9, 1984*

Perhaps you would also like to consecrate the rosary to the immaculate heart of Mary for the ending of abortion, the turning around of the economy, for the conversion of your nation to the ways of God — and forsaking the ways of the human consciousness.

* Quoted in Pearl of Wisdom®, Mother Mary, Vol 30, No. 23, June 7, 1987

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