1. … I also often feel like I have just found The Needle in a haystack. I found a teaching that I should be doing the Heart Head Hand decrees each Day. I started and the Alchemy of going through the stages of Jesus’ victory is amazing. I guess the saying that when the student is ready the teacher will appear is true.

  2. The Five Dhyani Buddhas, The Five Secret Rays with position between white & yellow bands in the Causal Body. All manifested came trough them. What is your Buddha Family? Om

  3. Is this a new program? Is this a compolimentary program to Alchemy 1 ?
    This e-mail is the first time coming to my PC! ……….at present it is another needle in a hei stack. were is the original who produced below inputs /Answers??


  5. May the Love, Compassion, Kindness spread out from the center of the Diamond Will of God in the heart.
    Let it spiral out in the shape of the rose in the Golden Mean Ratio, enfolding all the world, planet, Solar System and beyond.
    May all rise higher. Thanks for the Service.

  6. Great. I am very happy we are doing this service again. God bless our youth and may all receive our love, blessings, and forgiveness. God, then, will send them to us and we are here waiting for them.

    God bless you always. Fabiola

  7. As always thank you and God bless you. May God bless all the Light-bearers on this Planet and may they all find these wonderful Teachings.
    Your sister in the Light, Fabiola

  8. Great Service. I love listening to the comments sent by our brothers and sisters that are finding the Teachings and how to work with the Angels and Archangels. They bring tears to my eyes.
    Thank you and God bless you always.

  9. Great meditation, thank you. I pray that the pain that millions of people are going through right now because of the fire in the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris be the door to open those precious hearts and to feel the urge to get closer to God, to the Virgin Mary, and to find the Teachings of the Ascended Masters. It would be then the greatest pain ever.
    Oh God you are so magnificent in all your children.

  10. Thank you so much for the Communicant’s webinar. I hope that more webinars will be done in the future. It is comforting to know what has been done at Headquarters and what is expected in the future. God bless you all for your work.

  11. I had a choice between going to a meeting or listening to your broadcast. Your broadcast was a wise choice, it widened my awareness of all that’s going on. Thank you

  12. It is amazing that God has planned for us to be tutored by each of the presenters as the messnger were to also be ready at this time to help us and guide us. Thank you each and every presenter with Valerie to assure us of the plan to bring us into St Germain’s Great Golden Age. Thank you with all my heart. Patricia Harris Durham NC

  13. For the Prophet Archives, you use the title “… to become the Buddha”. How about the title “… to become the Christ” to attract the Western seeker.

  14. Thank you for your dear hearts. Thank you for the Resurrection decrees and affirmations. Our brothers and sisters are being resurrected in body, mind, and soul.
    Glory to our God forever. God bless you.


  15. Thank you very much for the great service. We are creating a momentum which is very important for the reaching of our goal.
    God bless you all.

  16. It is such a joy and a blessing to be able to join your outreach broadcast from Australia. Today it was especially beautiful focusing on the heart and the meditation was just perfect. I especially enjoy the decree matrix of all your sessions and the inserts are given with such love and rhythm , at the end one feels they have really contributed to the decree outreach service to help find the next wave of lightbearers. Since Summit University in Beechworth Victoria in January, the Adelaide group has begun to experience success in contacting the ligthbearers in our beautiful city, through social media and friends of friends, the Masters have found us a beautiful community centre close to the heart of the city with major arterials close by, providing providing transport for those who do not drive or don’t have their own car, this success can only be attributed to the daily calls and the weekly outreach service for the cutting free of the lightbearers, thank you so much for encouraging and motivating our worldwide membership, we appreciate all you the work you do and are so grateful for our leadership team at our Inner Retreat.
    Always Victory! to our Brothers and Sisters on the Path of the Ascension.
    Glenda Mace.

  17. Thank you and God bless you always. It is by taking one step at the time that we get where we are going and/or achieve the goals being pursued.

  18. Thank you very much. These meditations are priceless.
    God bless you for your love and dedication and the Eagle story is indeed a beautiful sign for all of us.

  19. I am sure that these energies reach all the Lightbearers around the earth and help to wake them up, so they become joyous to join us once they have the contact, then they can hardly wait to become more informed and involved. A Gift from God.


  20. Great meditation. It feels great to be part of this Mandala in order to reach the potential Light-bearers of the Will of God. Their souls are definitely receiving our love, commitment, and constancy.
    God bless you all.

  21. How great to feel the Presence of our ever present Guru today alongside Master Morya. It felt great, peaceful, joyful, and the purity and glistening of the falling snow outside made it even more splendid and holy when mixed with the beautiful Violet Fire with Mother.
    God bless you all. Fabiola

  22. It feels the 1,000.000 potential souls of the Will of God are getting closer. May we all have what is needed to welcome them? LOTS OF LOVE, BLESSINGS, AND UNDERSTANDING. The rest will be released by God Who knows best.

    Thank you and God bless you. Fabiola

  23. Thank You for these sessions, They have such a help tp decree with a group.
    Mothers meditation had such a profound effect Looking forward to the next week, Blessings, A keeper of the Flame

  24. Just thinking about the Light and Power in our hearts and our joy during this great service, there is no doubt that millions of hearts and souls are being touched.
    God bless you always and all Glory be to our God Almighty.

  25. Thank you for your hearts, your love, dedication, and the beautiful service to reach our brothers and sisters who are waiting to hear from us.


  26. THANK YOU for these excellent Outreach Services!!! I Am so grateful to have this oportunity to participate these serveces by broadcast replays here from Finland. I feel that Light flowing and that we really are ONE with GOD!

  27. Thank you, Carla, for the fiery focused conveying of the message, messenger and masters Jesus and Kuthumi. I feel officially invited now, and am grateful this SU will be broadcast as well. H. – Montana

  28. Dear Jesus and Kuthumi, my question is: What do you want me to help you with in this world as a facilitator or a teacher? I want to help you as much as I can to find more lightbeares for you.

  29. Thank you so very much for this appetizer and looking forward to the great menu.

    I would ask our dear Jesus and dear Kuthumi to enter my four lower bodies and use them accordingly to reach the million souls that are waiting with open arms. I have nothing, own nothing, desire nothing, and my synthetic self is being destroyed to make room for the only reality there is. MY GOD IN ME, AS ME, and all for His Glory.

    God bless you all. I will see you at the Conference.


  30. Thank you, Carla . Very inspiring. I can feel the flame of El Morya’s heart through you and his call to come to the July Conference. Mary Anne

  31. Joy R – from Sydney

    Thank you, Carla, for the wonderful inspiring presentation on our Beloved El Morya. I feel all the 7 reasons you gave for coming the class this July. By God’s grace, I AM able to make the trek to attend the 60th Anniversary at the Ranch. I AM looking forward to the outpouring of blessing of Light, especially to more empowerment and sponsorship to do Outreach, and help fulfill the final 1/3 of the Masters’ mission for the Church. Looking forward to seeing you. God bless.

  32. !AWESOME! !AWESOME! !AWESOME! I am so very happy that I will be attending the Conference and S.U. but more important to know that we are going to be, feel, love, and be there for Master Morya. Sometimes I feel Him so close that it makes me cry.

    God bless you all and I will see you soon. I will also be seeing you too Master Morya.


  33. Thank you, El Morya for the magnificent gift in the teaching included in the outreadh service e-mail. I will read it every day. And thank you Outreach Team for your constant devotion to El Morya’s cause. I am honored and thrilled to be part of this endeavor.

  34. Great. Great. Great. What an opportunity for these great meditations which we hardly have the time to do.

    God bless you abundantly. Fabiola

  35. Thank you dear KOF. These meditations are great and do fill us with the peace and harmony we need at all times, which combined whith the love of God in our hearts, will give us a mighty Victory.

    God bless you always. Fabiola

  36. Thank you for making this service available. I feel the tremendous release of Light from the gathering of our voices calling forth God’s word. What a blessing to my world.
    Desert Rose, Arizona, USA

  37. It is a great joy and gift to be able to join you for this weekly dedicated service in reaching out to find those souls to put their feet on the path back Home. The visualizations and meditation are magnificent. Thank you once again. Anne of Australia

  38. Thank you. The meditation was magnificent. It made me cry and I hope it will be played again at some time. It does bring up those records we have or have had with the Mother flame. It is healing.

    God bless you all. Fabiola

  39. Thank you dear KOF.
    Your love, our love, is the best magnet. We need to be prepare when the avalanche of these dear souls start knocking on our doors and I know only LOVE will help us handle all of them.
    God bless you always.

  40. What a beautiful service and meditation with Mother and Nada.
    Thank you so much! The love that goes out from this service will
    certainly open the hearts of many.

  41. Thank you so much. Nada’s meditation is great. I witness to it for I used it in the past to heal a very painful episode in my life. It hurt immensely but she healed me with her Ovoid of Love and I am forever grateful. I did not get any pain today and this is good news.

    God bless you all. Fabiola

  42. I was so busy today that I forgot all about the service, but then came the reminder e-mail and I was jumping of joy and grateful for it otherwise I would have missed this wonderful service.

    Thank you for the service and thank you for these reminders. I need them.


  43. Indeed, we are sowing the seeds of the Mighty Circle of Victory for the lightbearers in this weekly outreach decree session. Keep them going and circling the globe. Always Victory!

  44. Hi, What a Blast of Light and a Blessings!!! First time i have been able to join you due to being on school holidays. It was like being there at the Inner Retreat. Thanks Ladies and all on the broadcast for an energising decree session…Always Victory!!! Michaela, Beechworth, Australia

  45. Thank you dear KOF for this great service. I was moved by the letter sent from our dear sister in China. They are all being touched and they do not know way. One day they will know our God works in mysterious ways.

    Oh God your are so magnificent in all your children on this planet. Send them all to us.

    May God bless you all. Fabiola

  46. Thank you again. The meditations and quotes from the Masters are really an inspiration to continue with this wonderful effort and reach our brothers and sisters around the world.

    God bless you all. Fabiola

  47. Thank you for the opportunity of joining you with this precious half hour to find our brothers and sisters so they can follow that that sunbeam of light back Home. The meditation visualisation is so profound.
    With love, Anne in Australia

  48. Oh God you are so magnificent in the KOF that are so dedicated and marching on to our complete Victory.

    Thank you for the great service. I love that every week we get different holy treats i.e. meditations, songs, quotes from the Masters, etc.

    God bless you always. Fabiola

  49. It is so wonderful to have this very personal opportunity to be my Christ Self and Mighty I AM Presence with my real family and community each week.

    It is as if I were at a conference or SU.
    Great full for being in the Presence of the Messengers and the Masters.

    Karen Stewart

  50. This gets better and better. The joy in your hearts is contagious and helps speed up these great calls to reach the intended great souls that are waiting to be called but know not yet where this call is coming from.

    God bless you always. Fabiola

  51. Thank you dear hearts for the replay. I always do the service alone, this is
    the first time I can see how it is to be with you at the Summit Lighthouse.
    It´s nice to see you all and may God bless you. Always Victory.

  52. Beautiful service. First time connecting through my tablet. This made my day after a long day at work. We need the one million, let’s do our part to fill this world with light.

  53. This was an awesome service! Congratulations on the first 6,000! I agree that using the Meditation on the I Am Presence is very powerful. The sound of the long AUM is a very powerful call home, too.

  54. Thank you for these lovely services from your dear hearts.
    I wonder if you would consider using Carla’s meditation on the I AM Presence to begin or end each of the services. It is so powerful in connecting us with the One Million! Blessings to you all. Christine

  55. I AM so Very Grateful for this outreach thrust. I Love You all so much. Thank You so much again for this wonderful outreach thrust. You Help Me “Keep” going in the Right direction. I Love You so much for doing this.

  56. This is beautiful, it is wonderful to join together and be connected as we all decree at the same time to cut the light-bearers free.
    Always Victory, Jerry Kozoriz

  57. Praise the Lord for technology! Greetings from SW Florida☀️🌴
    Hear oh universe I am grateful !! Thank you for all the work you do.
    Let’s keep on keeping on!

  58. This was wonderful. I enjoyed the meditation very much. The love of our Father/Mother God in our hearts will not reach 100 million but 200+.
    God bless you.

  59. Thank you so much for what you are doing. You are sharing some gems of the teachings that everyone should hear. I hope this will reignite the outreach enthusiasm we knew when Mother was in embodiment.
    Always Victory!

  60. I am so grateful to God and you for the opportunity to participate in this joyful work, to find a million light bearers in the world. And meditation from Carla was just extraordinary! Unfortunately, the big time difference does not allow me to join the online services, but I’ll be happy to do it in replay. Tatiana

  61. Again, Thank you for this opportunity to be united in love and prayer to bring our brothers and sisters that are lost not knowing how great they are.


  62. Annali Boston did a joyious job of this outreach Tuesday. I look forward to next Tuesday. I suppose someone mentioned Carla G had a red “Fire” sign behind her head at the beginning of the meditatIon.

    Thanks for this work. It is positively encouraging.
    Robin Bourke

  63. If possible it would be really great if some how you could have a composite of pictures of the major cities of the planet, also just major cities in the USA! I was using some pictures of Atlanta as we were giving decrees. Thank you so much!
    Kathe in Atlanta

  64. Thanks for this beautiful service of outreach. My gratitude to God and you too.
    I’m waiting the next week again to participate with you and the Ascended Master.
    My best regards in the light,

    Romulo Castillo.
    Santo Domingo, Republica Domininicana.

  65. Thank you!!! It would be nice to know the numbers who join this decree session each week. It would also be nice to have an email format like SU forum to share what each of us are doing for outreach. I’m sure there are some terrific ideas out there that I would love to hear about.

  66. it was wonderful to decree like this…together and very one pointed.
    It was also wonderful to see and hear Mother…AND to see, hear and decree with friends and co-workers from days gone by.
    Thank you…..and see you next week!

  67. Thank you, thank you. This was a very meaningful decree service, the length is very do-able at this time of day. I will be here for this Tuesday service. I feel we are called to do this in such a specific way. Again, I’m grateful for your hearts to lead us Blessed Ladies. Blessings, Sheila Slomski, Mesa, AZ

  68. The mediation from Carla was really great and it would be helpful to have some of that in printed form for our daily use. thank you, God Bless You, You all did such a great job.
    Vicki Vaughan

  69. “she also gave him the new wallet card with the four free-lessons websites”
    What does the card look like? and where can I order some? and what is the cost?

  70. Pienso que si todos los guardianes hiriéramos a menudo verbalmente o mentalmente cuando las circunstancias lo permitan este fiat yo soy victoria( 3) dela iglesia universal y triunfante y del summing lighthouse. I AM Victory (3) of the Church Universal and Triumphant and the Summit Lighthouse , para la magnetización de millones de portadores de Luz. Creo que magnetizaríamos la victoria más rápidamente, Gracias.

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