Online Radio: Meet the Archangels

Online Radio: Meet the Archangels

There’s something special about Angels

Angels fascinate us. And no wonder! Though we seldom, if ever, see them, they are our constant companions. Angels were created by God to serve us as we pursue the path back to Him. However, they will not act without our consent, for they will never interfere with our free will.

When we ask with the right intentions and the proper respect, the angels will bring us aid, comfort, healing, love and protection. And sometimes we are not even fully aware of the prayer in our heart for heavenly help…but the angels hear just the same.

Stories abound of angelic apparitions on battlefields, in hospitals, at moments both joyful and sad, birth and death, during cataclysm and chaos. Angels surround us with their love. They guide and guard us through their service. And they inspire us by their devotion to the divinity that resides within our hearts…our Christ Self and I AM Presence.

The Archangels. God’s Captains.

While the angelic hosts are virtually numberless, above them in the cosmic hierarchy are the great archangels. Some of them we know by name.

Michael, prince of the archangels, who cast Lucifer and his rebel angels out of heaven.

Gabriel, angel of the Annunciation, who came to Mary to announce the impending birth of her son, Jesus.

Raphael, the great healing angel.

But there are many more of whom most of us know little. Zadkiel. Chamuel. Uriel. Jophiel. These, and the other great archangels, are also ready to come at our command for protection, guidance, healing, mentoring…and friendship.

Just as we do, the archangels have twin flames. They have free will. They are majestic beings who personify divine attributes and are at the service of sons and daughters of God.

They work tirelessly to defeat evil and promote good. They are ascended masters. In fact, the archangels were our first teachers on the spiritual path!

Bottom line: We are God’s children and our souls long to be free. To this end, the angels and archangels are with us to nourish and sustain us through all the tests, trials and tribulations of this world.

Hard to imagine better friends than that!

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